Aerovoyce Revamps Prepaid Plans, Introduces Long Validity Plans

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Aerovoyce, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) currently with its operations limited to Tamil Nadu has unveiled its revamped prepaid plans, OnlyTech reports. While the operator that utilises BSNL network made no official announcement over the revamped plans, the publication in its report said that the new plans went live on the operator site post April 7. Notably, the operator now offers plans that are valid for 180 days and 365 days. Aerovoyce on Friday announced on Facebook that it now offers users to recharge their numbers through its mobile app and on its recharge portal on the website. However, the report says that the app and recharge portal doesn’t list the first recharge vouchers that are priced between Rs 49 and Rs 149.

Aerovoyce First Recharge Plans

The company offers five first recharge plans including its basic plan priced at Rs 49 that provides users with 3600 seconds of talktime with a 28 day validity. Notably, the plan doesn’t offer any data or SMS benefit. Similarly, the company offers an Rs 89 plan that offers 9000 seconds of talktime and 10 SMS but with no data benefits.

Further, Aerovoyce offers a data only first recharge plan that provides users with 2048MB of data valid for 28 days and is priced at Rs 89 while offering no SMS or call benefit.

The company offers two plans that provide calls, data and SMS benefits and are priced at Rs 99 and Rs 149. The Rs 99 plan offers 9000 seconds talktime and 500 MB data along with 10 SMS valid for 28 days. 

The Rs 149 plan is also valid for 28 days and offers 15,000 seconds of talktime along with 1024MB of data and 20 SMS.

Aerovoyce Second Recharge Plans

The company has listed 14 second recharge plans on its website including seven plans that offer only talktime and SMS benefits while others provide talktime benefits along with SMS and data.

The plans that offer only talktime and SMS benefit but with no data are priced at Rs 79, Rs 99, Rs 199, Rs 299, Rs 389, Rs 749 and Rs 999.

The Rs 79 plan and Rs 99 plan offers 10 SMS with a validity of 28 days and offer 9000 seconds and 13,800 seconds of talktime respectively.

The Rs 199 and Rs 299 plan offers 20 SMS while providing 30,000 seconds and 45,000 seconds of talktime respectively while being valid for 28 days. The Rs 389 plan also offers similar validity and SMS benefits but provides users with 60,000 seconds of talktime.

The Rs 749 plan and Rs 999 plan are long-term plans with a validity of 180 days and 360 days respectively while providing users with 1,20,000 seconds and 1,80,000 seconds of talktime respectively.

The second recharge plans of Aerovoyce that offer data, talktime and SMS benefits are priced at Rs 99, Rs 149, Rs 249, Rs 349, Rs 499, Rs 749 and Rs 999.

The base plan priced at Rs 99 offers 9000 seconds of talktime, 10 SMS and 500 MB of data valid for 28 days. The Rs 149 plan offers 20 SMS, 1024 MB of data and 14,400 seconds of talktime with a validity of 28 days.

The Rs 249, Rs 349 and Rs 499 plans are largely similar with 20 SMS and 28 days validity. However, the Rs 249 plan offers 24,000 seconds talktime with 2560MB of data. Meanwhile, the Rs 349 and Rs 499 plans offer 36000 seconds talktime but with data benefits of 5120 MB and 10,240MB respectively.

Finally, the Rs 749 and the Rs 999 plans offer 20 SMS and are valid for 180 and 365 days respectively. However, the Rs 749 plan offers 72000 seconds of talk time and 10,240MB of data while the Rs 999 plan offers 120000 talk time and 12288MB of data.

Aerovoyce Talktime Plans

OnlyTech reports that Aerovoyce offers two plans that are available only on its recharge portal and that offers talktime benefits. The two plans are said to be priced at Rs 50 and Rs 100 offering identical benefits but the report doesn't highlight the talktime being provided with either of the plans. The benefits provided with the talk time only plans include calls at Rs 35 paise per minute, Re 1 per SMS and Rs 5 paise per MB of data.

Aerovoyce Data Only Plans

The company offers four data only plans that are valid for 28 days and are priced at Rs 49, Rs 99, Rs 199 and Rs 299.

The base Rs 49 plan offers 1.25GB of data while Rs 99 plan offers 2.5GB of data. The top tiered Rs 199 and Rs 299 plans offer 5.75GB and 9GB of data respectively.

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