ACT Fibernet Introduces ACT Shield Service: Everything You Need to Know

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Internet security has become a major issue. Everyone wants their data to be secure and out of the reach of people who want to use it for harmful purposes. There are many ways in which someone can protect their data, but one of the best ways to do it is by getting an anti-virus and security software. ACT Fibernet users can opt for ACT Shield by paying a fee for keeping their browsing and data secure. ACT shield is your all-in-one security app. It will keep your data secure from all the hackers who are trying to steal it.

ACT Shield Plans and Features

There are three plans available of ACT Shield that a user can choose from and add to their monthly internet bill from ACT. The first plan will cost Rs 49 per month and it will provide security to a maximum of two devices. The second plan comes for Rs 60 per month and it will provide security to a maximum of three devices. The last plan comes for Rs 99 per month and it provides security to a maximum of five devices.

The ACT Shield is a separate anti-virus app that needs to be downloaded on your Android devices. There is no iOS support for the app yet. But it can work in both Windows and macOS. It is launched in collaboration with F-Secure which is an award-winning internet security software.

Your online transactions will be secured so you can have peace of mind whenever shopping online. Along with that, it will also run regular anti-virus scans to protect your device from trojans, malware, viruses, and ransomware. It is important to know what your children are browsing on the internet and most of all it is essential to set a limit to what they can browse on the internet so that they don’t consume content which is harmful for their minds. ACT Shield supports child-safe browsing.

There is multi-device support so you don’t have to purchase a unique subscription for every device that you have. Along with that, there is a find-my-device feature in the app as well which will track and locate your device for you in case you lose it.

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