5 Features of Oneplus 5 Which Makes it the Best Phone Under Rs. 40,000

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Although Oneplus started off small, within just three years of it introducing its first device, the company turned out to be an underdog. With its impressive high-end smartphones and at cheaper prices at that, Oneplus gained a huge fan base very quickly. Its latest Oneplus 5 seems to be creating quite an uproar among Android users, and rightfully so.


If you are looking to buy a new smartphone or in any way intrigued about the new Oneplus 5, we are here to tell you why it is an absolutely great pick.

Dual Camera

Oneplus jumped on the ‘dual-camera’ bandwagon with its latest Oneplus 5 alongside phones including the Huawei P10, iPhone 7 Plus, and the LG G6, and also pairs one standard camera with telephoto affair in an iPhone-esque fashion.

The primary camera has a 16MP sensor with f/1.7 aperture and the secondary 20MP camera comes with a f/2.6 aperture. Together, they make a powerful team and allow you to zoom up to 2x optically. The combination also gives you much sharper photos almost as good as the one in iPhone 8. In all regards, Oneplus 5 packs an impressive photo setup from the Oneplus 3 and Oneplus 3T. There is also a 16MP camera mounted above the display, video recording option at up to 4k resolution, plus a whole array of other options in the camera app including histograms and digital horizon.

Oxygen OS

Oneplus has always been known for its light touch with Android with no unnecessary UI changes and no pre-installed bloatware. That is particularly true for Oneplus 5, which has the nicest version of Android 7 apart from Google Pixel smartphones. It comes with Oneplus’ Oxygen OS on top that makes subtle changes entirely for the better. This surely sets the Oneplus 5 apart from other smartphones.

Look and Design

In the midst of all smartphone companies producing iPhone lookalikes, Oneplus 5 set its own mark in the design department. With an aluminum body, smooth panels, colour-matched antenna lines and curved edges, the Oneplus 5 smartphone is the most premium looking among all of the company’s previous handsets.

The phone is incredibly thin measuring just 7.25mm in thickness and looks every bit at home as the other big league smartphones. That said it isn’t as good as the Samsung Galaxy S8 with its subtle camera placement and sleek design. OnePlus 5 is not waterproof, unlike some of its rivals, but it does come with a headphone jack.


All Oneplus phones have always been knitted with thickset innards and it is the same case for the Oneplus 5 as well. It runs on the octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, also found inside top smartphones like Sony Experia XZ Premium, HTC U11, and some versions of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The chipset paired with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of onboard storage makes the Oneplus 5 as powerful as they come. You can also level up to 8GB of RAM and 128GB internal storage combination variant if you think 6GB is not enough. One more advantage that goes in favour of the Oneplus 5 is its super-fast UFS2.1 storage that gives you faster downloading speeds.


We thought Oneplus 3 and 3T were cheap but then the Oneplus 5 may not be considered that cheap. However, with the all-powerful performance, super-fast dash-charging, and high-end specs, Oneplus 5 is considerably cheaper than its much pricier counterparts. The Oneplus 5 starts at Rs. 32,999 in India.

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