5G Commercial Networks Live in More Than 60 Countries Now, India Still Missing

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The next-generation connectivity technology, 5G is being adopted at a rapid pace throughout the world. It is a robust technology which will enhance the role of the internet of things (IoT) products globally. As per a report from the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA), more than 61 countries now have live 5G networks. This list is for the month ending January 2021. It mentions that 144 commercial 5G networks are already present worldwide and more are about to come. The list reveals that around 413 telecom operators globally (in 131 countries/territories) are investing in 5G in different forms (pilots/tests/planned/actual deployments).

Operators Worldwide Showing Interest in 4x4 MIMO Technology

The latest NTS Update Status report suggests that operators globally are interested in investing in 4x4 MIMO technology. 152 operators have already started investing in the technology out of which 94 operators have launched their 5G network commercially.

The report also focuses on LTE. Around 806 operators globally have launched their LTE networks commercially out of which 421 operators have also launched LTE fixed wireless access services.

This report doesn’t include India since the operators haven’t even started testing 5G in its full capacity. This is because of the slow actions of the government. Indian operators don’t even know when the 5G spectrum will be made available to them via auctions.

Airtel recently tested its 5G live in Hyderabad using the airwaves in the 1800 MHz band. This, however, doesn’t show the true potential of 5G since the airwaves in the 3300-3600 MHz band are still out of the reach of Indian operators.

The world is adopting to 5G standards quite fast, and the Indian government needs to understand that quick decisions are required to stay ahead of the world. Airtel and Jio have claimed that they have 5G ready networks and all they are waiting for is the government's nod to start testing it in full capacity and rolling it out as soon as possible.

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