2nd-TAKE-ON:-INDIAN-TELECOM-SECTOR-TILL-TODAY-TOMORROWWith the worthwhile responses form all around the TelecomTalk readers on the first article “INDIAN TELECOM SECTOR TILL TODAY & TOMORROW!

Here is the second ride on the foregoing theme. If we talk about who’s emerging as the most happening Telecom-player among the newbie’s the only name capturing the news head lines from last few days “TATA DOCOMO” be it the first ever launch of 1 paise / sec tariff plan OR achieving significant milestone of crossing the 5 lakh subscribers mark in Tamil Nadu circle, barely a month after the launch of its service. or Setting up its hub of operations in Mumbai & Goa circle or Advertising via a Bus filled with ‘Celebes’ its Docomo rising all around.

One question thou simple, What is the key craving of all Telecom Operators or in other words “What an Operator really wants” the answer is simple and you all know that its “SUBSCRIBER’ the people like us and have you ever thought what benefits Subscriber’s the most…… any guesses “ The intense competition among operators”

Whether it be competition between the incumbent ones or the newbie’s this is how we get the benefit. The notation is quite simple Operator have to set new tariff plans viz. reduced rates to capture the subscribers and that is how a subscriber gains benefit.

Ok we go for most attractive schemes some recharge coupons that makes our call tariff’s to less, But have u ever noticed the behind the curtain scenarios like If I ask you “Will you be making same amount of STD or local calls if your tariff would have been high” or “Will you be contributing to same amount of ARPU if your plan would not have been the lucrative one” the topic is quite debatable but in one line these are highly approached marketing techniques for the benefit of both “Operator” and “Subscriber” we both benefit from it.

Now if we talk about the Regulatory authority which regulates the Indian telecom sector the ‘TRAI’ and recently it has bring a standstill to grant of any new 2G licenses in the country until the forming of policy framework concerning ‘2G spectrum’ and ‘Number of operators in each circle’ is defined.

Now if govt agrees to the above mentioned clause Indian telecom sector will witness absenteeism of few strong telecom players named as ACME, AT&T , Moser Baer, Sterlite Technologies, S-Tel, Tulip Telecom and the Hinduja Group.Some other players in the race are Ortel Communications, ByCell, Anjney Loys P Ltd, JSW Power Trading Company Ltd, and Avnija Propperties Ltd

Oops so many names now see the market scenario if all these operators would be kept aside or the opposite ‘All get the license to operate in Indian Telecom market’ any guess for the Level of competition?? Will it get to total mess among the operators or Will it benefit the Subscribers most?? Will Indian market’s vastness will cover all these operators in its attire or still we will see the survival of fittest clause ?? Till now all the operators who have entered the Indian market have grown at a steady pace… will it remain the same for others too or not … with these and many more questions in the same genre I am waiting to hear your remarks on the above please feel free to submit your views!!!!!

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November 15, 2009 5:20 pm 5:20 PM

please provide ARPU of each telecom operator every month it will be very nice idea

Mahmood Junaid
September 17, 2009 11:03 pm 11:03 PM

but if the call rates becomes lesser and lesser there will more of them talking too much which will increase the ARPU…. u can see that with the launch of less tarriff by new telecom operators customers are using it to make outgoing calls and the sim of airtel and other companies are used as incoming number which had decreased there ARPU….but i am sure this much operators will not stay… maximum of 8 operators can stay in a circle for long… SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST…

August 11, 2009 10:54 pm 10:54 PM

… if operator has to survive in indian market today it has to keep its tariff low either it will be Obliterated before its existing time…. and one can think of maintaining ARPU only if it has subscriber base … what can an operator do with high tariff and no subs base,…….!!!!