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FUTURE-PERTANING-TO-INDIAN-TELECOM-SECTOR With emergence of more new telecom operators in the Indian market there seems a supplementary bottleneck competition among the incumbent and upcoming operators in the coming time. As by end of the day everyone has one aim i.e Growth in number of new subs, Less churn, Increase in ARPU, “Revenue” and Revenue” all around.

The starting of this year was quite booming for Indian telecom sector as RCOM – GSM emerged in the market and broke all records in selling of new SIM’s by any operator at launch I guess the same was the reason that operators like Airteland Vodafone were not open for the Rcom – GSM’s launch at initial, Also after launch operators intended to state that we are not concerned with the rising number of subscribers in our bucket but for providing good service to the existing ones.

If to name the new coming/arrived operators they can be collaborated as Tata Docomo, S Tel, Etisalat DB, MTS India, Unitech Wireless & Loop Mobile all mentioned are striving hard to emerge in the market by aggressive marketing inducing new tariff plans to the subscribers etc.

The prologue of 1 paise per second by Tata Docomo in India is one among these steps, might be Indian customers were longing for this lucrative tariff.

On one side if you see a high tide of insistent drive from privately owned operators to emerge in market whether it’s new subscribes, latest tariff plans launch in new circle or Value added services. New operators trying to set a mark in 2G domain and incumbent operators toiling to get a step in for 3G and the OTHER side u see Delay in 3G auction, increase in price to double for 3G , delay in MNP etc.

This is where the mismatch disembark and Indian customers still fancying about “When will 3G be coming to India at full ” and “About what they might be doing with the extensity of the service” and Operators about getting new revenue streams out of 3G VAS(Value Added Services).

The questions here remains Will the new operators reach to the roots of Indian telecom industry and hold a substantial market share, Will 3G be auctioned / launched as per purposed timelines from now, will Indian customer have the privilege of MNP in time, and many other like will telecoms be able to set a speed of 2Mbps in broadband and an affordable price.

You can write your suggestions to us(In the comments below) we want to hear from you what you feel about current Telecom market scenarios and what could be the various alternatives for betterment. Again requesting you to please stick to beneficial suggestions and not just to blaming arguments.

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