100 Mbps Broadband Plans Which You Must Check Out Today

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Demand for 100 Mbps broadband plans have gone up in the last couple of months. Telecom operators such as Reliance Jio, Airtel, and Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) offer 100 Mbps plans which do not vary much in terms of benefits but are different nonetheless. Other internet service providers (ISPs) such as Excitel and ACT also offer users 100 Mbps broadband plans. Today we will list all the broadband plans that come with OTT benefits, unlimited data, and more from all the aforementioned ISPs.

JioFiber Rs 699 Plan

This plan from Reliance Jio comes with a validity of one month and offers users 100 Mbps downloading and uploading speed along with 3.3TB (3,300GB) data for the month. There is voice calling benefit included in this plan, and Jio doesn’t offer any over-the-top (OTT benefits) with this one.

Airtel Xstream Fiber Rs 799 Plan

The Rs 799 plan from Airtel Xstream Fiber ships with 100 Mbps downloading and uploading speed along with 3.3TB (3,333GB) data for the month. There is an unlimited voice calling benefit offered with this plan and multiple OTT benefits including Eros Now, Voot Basic, Hungama Play, and more with Airtel Thanks benefits.

Excitel Rs 699 Plan

Excitel offers users 100 Mbps speed (downloading and uploading) with its Rs 699 plan, the same price as Jio. The best thing about this plan is that there is no fair usage policy (FUP) limit. So you can download and stream without any worry of exhausting your monthly high-speed data. The plan is available with long-term validity as well. There are no OTT or voice calling benefits included with this plan.

ACT Rs 799 Plan

The Rs 799 plan from ACT, the same as Airtel Xstream Fiber provides users with 100 Mbps downloading and uploading speed. Users get 1,000GB monthly FUP data with this plan which reduces to 512 Kbps once the FUP data is exhausted. This plan from ACT doesn’t offer users any other benefit.

BSNL Rs 799 Plan

BSNL offers users 100 Mbps downloading and uploading speed with its Rs 799 plan. With this plan, the users get 3.3TB (3,300GB) monthly data after which the speed drops to 2 Mbps. There is also unlimited voice calling benefit included with the plan. However, there are no OTT benefits.

These are the top five 100 Mbps broadband plans you can get in India right now. Only the Airtel Xstream Fiber 100 Mbps plan comes with OTT benefits. Also, amongst all the ISPs, only Excitel offers truly unlimited data to the users.

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