YouTube Users Get More Control Over Their Home Page

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To further streamline videos based on the content that interests users, Google-owned video-sharing app YouTube has decided to give users more control over their Home page and Up Next videos. As part of the changes, YouTube would now let users explore more topics and related videos on their Home page and in Up Next videos, it removes suggestions from the channels users which they do not want to watch and learn about.

"One thing we've consistently heard from you is that you want more control over what videos appear on your home page and in Up Next suggestions. So we're doing more to put you in the driver's seat," Essam El-Dardiry, Product Manager, YouTube wrote in a blog post on Wednesday.

All of the features are rolling out and would be made available for Android, iOS and desktop users soon. Lately, YouTube has been testing several new features to help users to engage better with the platform.

Earlier in May, in a bid to ramp up its online shopping business to compete with Amazon, the platform began testing shopping links under YouTube videos displaying product prices and recommendations under videos playing on the site, making it easier for viewers to buy them on Google.

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