Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset Launched at Rs. 899 but You May Not Be Able to Get One Due to Limited Availability

Xiaomi has announced a new product in India, and it’s not a smartphone, but a smartphone accessory. The company has launched its Mi Bluetooth Headset for Rs. 899 in the country and it is accepting preorders on Mi.com currently. Unfortunately, if you’re looking to buy the Bluetooth headset, you will be disappointed as the product is already out of stock.


Xiaomi has launched the Mi Bluetooth headset in China long back but decided to bring it to India only today. The headset can also be purchased from Xiaomi’s Mi Home store in Bengaluru. Unlike other Bluetooth headsets available in the Indian market, the Mi Bluetooth headset is different in the design aspect as it’s tiny and gorgeous.

Other functionalities of the headset, however, are on par with other Bluetooth headsets available in the market right now. Besides attending and rejecting calls, you can also use the Mi Bluetooth Headset to play/pause music, and in fact, you can use it to listen to music too. The headset also has the capability to transfer calls, make three-way calls, redial phone numbers, adjust volume for the call, etc.

Connectivity wise, the Mi Bluetooth Headset comes with Bluetooth 4.1, and Xiaomi claims that the device offers noise reduction. The standout feature of the headset is that you can pair it with two devices at a time. In fact, not just pairing, you can use the headset with both the phones at the same time as well.

One of the primary concerns of any Bluetooth headset right now is the battery life. The newly announced Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset is touted to offer three to four hours of battery life with a single charge, and the headset will charge from zero to 100 percent in less than an hour.

Furthermore, Xiaomi will also provide three pairs of Silicone earbuds allowing you with the option to choose the best one that suits your ears. Similar to other Xiaomi products, this Mi Bluetooth Headset will also be a tough one to get your hands on. If at all you get to purchase the product, it will be shipped within five days from the date of order.

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May 16, 2017 5:01 pm 5:01 PM


May 16, 2017 1:51 am 1:51 AM

Already ordered one in the pre order sale, it would get shipped next week. Was waiting for this to launch.

May 15, 2017 10:36 pm 10:36 PM

Well if someone really needs it, they can buy it from Aliexpress
Its available for approximately same or lesser price there

May 16, 2017 4:19 pm 4:19 PM

Difference is not worth time delay 25-40 days, no warranty, now after launch here it’s waste buying there…