Xiaomi’s Latest Concept Stretches the Limits of Smartphone Design

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Xiaomi Concept Smartphone Design

Xiaomi is not one to shy away from the occasional concept that gets the tech enthusiasts talking, with the company having showcased its Mi Mix Alpha product to users back in 2020. Today, the company announced a concept that goes a step further, pushing the limits of what a Smartphone design should be, for the second time in less than two years.

What sets this device apart from the rest of the futuristic concepts is the fact that the concept has a portless design, as well as a quad-curved waterfall display. What other features set it apart you ask? Find out by reading further ahead.

What Makes the Concept Different?

As mentioned above, the concept features a quad-curved waterfall display. Wordplay? No, what this actually means is that the device has a curved waterfall display on all four sides, from left to right to top to bottom. It also gets a port-free unibody design with the entire front panel consisting of the display.

As per Xiaomi,  the 88-degree hyper quad-curved screen design allows for the visual interfaces to flow over the phone’s surface, resembling a water flow like effect.

Almost the entirety of the frame is covered by the screen, as ports or buttons are completely absent on the concept, further making the portless future design visible, even if it is a concept.

For this to happen, Xiaomi says that it has used a 3D bonding process to attach an 88-degree quad-curved glass panel to an already flexible display. To bend the display at 88-degree on all four sides, hot bending under 800-degree Celcius high temperature and pressure was carried out.

In terms of the changes, the smartphone also gets third-generation under-display cameras, which is the first proper method of hiding the camera behind the display, something that was showcased to the public in late 2020. Other features include support for wireless charging, eSIM chips, and pressure-sensitive touch sensors to replace the conventional button.

Do note, this is not the first time that Xiaomi has done something like this, with the company having showcased the Mi Mix Alpha in late 2019, with the highlighting feature for that device being the unique feature of the entirety of the body being covered by one display that extended from front to back.

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