WhatsApp Web to Receive Dark Mode: How You Can Change it Right Now

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WhatsApp is one of the most used social media apps in the world. Its mobile application has a Dark Mode feature on it but the WhatsApp Web lacks the feature. But now, some reports suggest that WhatsApp is currently working on bringing dark mode to its web version as well. You will have to wait for the update to come and then be able to use the Dark Mode. But you can get the theme for yourself even before it is launched globally.

How To Enable the WhatsApp Web Dark Mode?

Firstly you will have to go to the WhatsApp web and open your account. If you don’t know how to do that; open WhatsApp’s mobile application. Then search for WhatsApp web option on it and open it, a code scanner will appear on your screen. After this, go to your web browser and open WhatsApp Web’s site. Then a code will appear on your screen. Just scan the code with the code scanner that came on your mobile’s screen and you will be logged-in.

After your web version of WhatsApp is open, just make a simple right-click on the window and you will get the inspect option. Click on it. Alternatively, you can also use the keys Ctrl+Shift+I for inspecting the webpage. This should open up the code of the page and along with it a console for editing. You have to find the string - ‘body class = web’ at the top. This string defines the class of the original theme. To convert your webpage dark, replace the word web with web dark. Once you have replaced the string, just click on the Enter key. Your webpage should immediately turn dark.

This feature should work regardless of the browser that you are using. Later, WhatsApp might come out with a toggle which changes the setting within the inspect. One more thing, you will have to change the settings every time you open the browser again and log-in fresh. So if its too much hassle for you, just wait for WhatsApp to release its official toggle.

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