Is WhatsApp working on a web client named as WhatsApp Web?

By December 14th, 2014 AT 9:34 PM

WhatsApp has a huge market share when compared to its competitors like Viber, Line, WeChat, Hike, Telegram, etc., but it is still lacking some features such as video calling, voice calling, stickers, and a desktop client. It looks like WhatsApp has been working on some of these missing features. A few months ago, it was being reported that WhatsApp is working on Voice Calling feature, but its release has been delayed. Pavel Durov, Founder of Telegram, has revealed in an Interview that WhatsApp was trying to hire their web developer, hinting towards WhatsApp’s plans to build a desktop/web client.

WhatsApp Voice Calling

Now, the guys over at and the team behind unofficial WhatsApp API have delved deeper into WhatsApp’s APK (v2.11.471) and found interesting bits of information. The code has several mentions about WhatsApp Web and logging in and out of a computer.

<string name=”can_not_start_voip_call_in_phone_call”>”You cannot place a WhatsApp call if you’re already on a phone call.”</string>
<string name=”confirmation_delete_all_qr”>Are you sure you want to log out from all computers?</string>
<string name=”currently_logged_into”>Logged in computers</string>
<string name=”delete_all_qr”>Log out from all computers</string>
<string name=”location_not_available”>Location is not available</string>
<string name=”log_out”>Log out</string>
<string name=”menuitem_whatsapp_web”>WhatsApp Web</string>
<string name=”qr_code_hint_2″>Visit %s on your computer</string>
<string name=”voip_call_bluetooth_toggle_description”>Toggle Bluetooth</string>
<string name=”web_session_active”>Online</string>
<string name=”web_session_description_place_browser_os”>”Started in %1$s %2$s”</string>
<string name=”web_session_last_date”>Last active %s</string>
<string name=”web_session_last_today_at”>Last active today at %s</string>
<string name=”web_session_last_yesterday_at”>Last active yesterday at %s</string>
<string name=”whatsapp_web”>WhatsApp Web</string>

WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook for $19 billion but we have not seen any integration with Facebook yet. WhatsApp Web could’ve used Facebook login for signing in to the account, instead it looks like the web client might use QR code scanning for the process, similar to Telegram. The feature might not come out soon but when it does, it will see huge support from the users. What are your thoughts about a web client for WhatsApp?

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If Whatsapp not ready to add Sticker and Voice call option, They will surely loose their market share in near future. The same thing happened to Nokia and Samsung will happen Whatsapp also.. Now Whatsapp having Headweight but one day come that day others will overtake them because of no new features like stickers etc . .


I don’t care about other features. But they sholud introduce timeline, similar like facebook


NO, thats a bad idea. WhatsApp has its usp which is the simplified refined IM like client you see. Adding Timeline to it, will make it another clone of the facebook’s usp. We already have facebook for that and some more. Let whatsapp be what it is right now. They should add the voice calling to it soon though, and next on my wishlist will be video call feature, then we can use video calling across all platforms and not rely on Hangout or Facetime all the time.

Manoj Thakur

I agree with partho


I am sure its sarcasm!


yes.. thays a good idea but skye is available on most of platforms.. for video calling.. voice calling should be added bt with some privacy feature and voice calling blocking and disabling..

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