WhatsApp voice calling starts rolling out for BlackBerry 10 with v2.12.1.2 update

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WhatsApp has always tried to bring a consistent user experience to its users across all the platforms. Even though BlackBerry 10 hasn’t been among the popular platforms for smartphones globally, WhatsApp has ensured that its users who user BlackBerry smartphones aren’t left out in the cold as far as the voice calling feature is concerned.


WhatsApp recently launched voice calling for its Android and iOS users, and the feature has now reached BlackBerry 10 users. The update is available with version of WhatsApp through BlackBerry World. The feature was already available for some time to the ones using the beta version of the app, and the update is now out available freely for all the users. Voice calling for Windows Phone will also be launched in near future. WhatsApp has made quite a positive move by not ignoring BlackBerry 10 users, no matter how small their number is these days.

WhatsApp v2.12.1.2 For BB OS 10.3

  • Fonts in the app is now matches default font in BB OS 10.3.
  • Location messages now show a larger map preview.
  • Option to use a customised ringtone for an incoming call through WhatsApp.
  • The unknown people you are talking to (essentially the ones whose number you haven’t saved), will now get their information saved in the contact list.
  • The pictures, videos and audios that you receive through the app are now grouped according to the months and year.
  • Numeric count to the contacts, groups and favourites tabs can be seen when you pull down the list.
  • Other performance improvements and bug fixes as well.

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