Whatsapp latest update brings ‘mark as unread’ feature on-board

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Whatsapp’s latest update will bring along variety of new features, the same update is available for trial in its beta version 2.12.194. As we already cleared, it is available in the beta version and the OTA update for the same has not been initiated yet.


The beta update bring along features such as low data usage, custom notifications, and mark as unread. The “low data usage” feature is inspired from Facebook’s Lite version and caters to the developing countries where the data connection is perhaps slow. This feature would consume less data for voice-calling, although there is no feedback regarding the quality of voice call on low data usage.

Another feature -- custom notification would enable users to choose specific notification for each friend, users can also select to mute a chat for a particular time period and can also choose specific ringtones, notification light and pop-ups, and vibration length as well. Now, coming on to the next feature, that is ‘mark as unread’, which allows users to change the status of any message to unread. Whenever the user long presses any message then he is given an option to mark that message as unread.

The update is still in its beta phase and will soon be rolled out in an OTA (over-the-air) form. For all those who want to try the beta version, click here to download the APK for Whatsapp beta.

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