WhatsApp Should Pick These 5 Features from Telegram Right Now

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WhatsApp, with over 2 billion users and 5+ billion downloads is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. The Facebook-owned chatting app brings regular updates to make texting more interactive and convenient for the user. Much recently, WhatsApp announced that it is rolling out WhatsApp Pay support for the Indian market. While it is a good and handy feature, there are other things WhatsApp could include in the app. WhatsApp can take a few features from another chatting and texting app, Telegram. Keep reading ahead to find out which features are they.

5 Features WhatsApp Can take From Telegram

The first feature that WhatsApp can take from Telegram is ‘Multiple Number Support’. WhatsApp users can’t add another number on the same device without using the parallel app feature. Telegram on the other hand allows users to add up to 3 numbers on the same device. If this feature were to be implemented, users having two SIMs on the same device will feel very relieved.

The second feature that WhatsApp can pick from Telegram is ‘Message Reactions’. While users can reply to a particular message by selecting it, they can’t react to it via using emojis directly. The message reaction feature is also there on other platforms such as Instagram, Slack, and more.

The third feature is the ‘Scheduled Messages’. This particular feature will allow users to schedule messages and be worry-free. For example, someone could schedule a ‘Happy Birthday’ message to their friend and sleep. This way, they would also wish the other person and get some sleep as well. Telegram already offers users this feature, it is high time that WhatsApp does as well.

The fourth feature which WhatsApp should take from Telegram is ‘Sharing Files of up to 1.5GB’ in size. Right now, WhatsApp users are allowed to share a file with a maximum size of 100MB. Whereas Telegram users can share files as big as 1.5GB. This is something WhatsApp should look into as well.

The last feature that WhatsApp can take from Telegram right now is ‘Hide Phone Number’ from other people. Telegram users can hide their number from anyone they are chatting with, even the people who are on their contacts list on the device. Whereas WhatsApp users can’t hide their number when they are texting somebody.

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