WhatsApp Future Update to Include Chat Sync Across Multiple Platforms

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WhatsApp is easily one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. It has more than billion active monthly users. It allows users to connect with other people in a very convenient way. There are no limits to distance, you can sit in one part of the world and text to someone living in the other part, all that is needed is an internet connection. But one feature that a lot of people have been asking for is to be able to use WhatsApp in different devices at the same time. Not just like WhatsApp Web where you have to scan it and then use it, but like you do with Facebook, Instagram and more social media apps. Alongside that, WhatsApp is also said to be working on a feature which will allow chat sync across multiple platforms.

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WhatsApp doesn’t work in any other smartphone if you are using it in one. As per WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on a feature which will sync the chat history across all the devices.

The feature to use WhatsApp in different devices hasn’t happened yet because the app has been used in a single device so far and thus it will take time to implement this new feature. How this feature will work is when an user switches his smartphone to use WhatsApp in a different one, all the data will be synchronised from one device to the other. It would be preferable if the user is connected to a Wi-Fi network at the time of synchronisation because downloading of chats can take a significant amount of data.

For now WhatsApp is said to be testing the feature on its desktop app. It is quite possible that this new feature is first rolled out for the WhatsApp Web rather than the mobile app. When this happens, you won’t require your smartphone’s WhatsApp to be working to use the WhatsApp Web. Once you are using the WhatsApp Web, you can switch off your smartphone and still be able to use it on your desktop.

A message delivered to one of your devices will be delivered to all of the devices. When you remove or use a device, the encryption key will change.

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