WhatsApp Users Can Now Send Forwarded Messages to Only One Contact

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WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most popular and demanding messaging platforms around the globe. The shareability of news and information on the instant messaging platform is one of the most intriguing features of the app. However, sometimes the Facebook-owned app is criticised as a chain of fake news and information take place in individual and group chats. To curb fake news and misinformation, WhatsApp has limited the frequency of forwarded messages in the platform to one contact. With the new update, WhatsApp is trying to eliminate the origin of fake news which has no legitimate source.

WhatsApp Forwarded Messages Have Been Increased

WhatsApp revealed that since the outbreak of COVID-19, the number of forwarded messages had been increased on the platform. Earlier, users were allowed to share a forwarded message to five contacts and more. However, at a time where the entire world is facing the problem of a deadly virus, unnecessary information and fake news will just add to the problems. Thus, to curb the unnecessary news and provide users with real and legitimate news, WhatsApp has reduced the number for forwarding message to one contact.

WhatsApp Has a Dedicated WHO Chat Bot

To ensure that the reach of fake news and information regarding COVID-19 is reduced, WhatsApp has received a chatbot from World Health Organisation (WHO) which will inform the subscribers with real and legitimates updates about Coronavirus. Similarly, the Indian government has also launched a bot named as MyGov Corona Helpdesk which will update the users with the latest information on COVID-19. WhatsApp currently has 400 million active users in India. The chatbot launched by the government and WHO will create awareness among users regarding COVID-19

WhatsApp Also Testing Verify Forwarded Message Feature

WhatsApp is making all the efforts to curb the chain of fake news and misinformation which circles in Individual and Group chats. The Facebook-owned app is currently testing the verify forwarded messages feature which will allow the users to check the credibility and authenticity of the forwarded messages. WhatsApp has not revealed any official statement regarding the launch of the feature. However, it is expected that the feature will be rolled out soon.


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