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Hello fellow readers and well wishers,

It was a long journey of three and half years to cater you all the telecom developments related stuffs. We must thank you for your continuous support what you gave us throughout the period .

We are being emotional to announce Team TT is facing a tough time to continue managing the portal for last 2 months and also having some internal conflicts, not only that some telcos are not liking the fact that their internal matters are being exposed. All of these have now lead us to take a tough decision.

We now think that our readers, may be individual or any organization can now continue the journey of TelecomTalk of their own so we decided to sell off entire TelecomTalk .

If you are a genuine buyer you can drop a comment with your price or if you want to take it in a confidential way you can mail us the e-mail id posted in contact us page.

Thanks once again for all your support.



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