Vodafone Zozoos are back with MyVodafone App!

Vodafone customers can now avail MyVodafone App that can be accessed 24X7, free of any internet charges in India and the company is promoting it through zozoos. The app provides a personalized experience to post-paid and pre-paid customers as well as non-Vodafone customers. It would help a customer to pay bills, buy recharges and bonus cards, get best offers, access their M-Pesa account, recharge/pay bills for friends and family, etc.


“As far as marketing strategy is concerned, the popular army of mini ZooZoos, Zumi Army, is back to help customers discover the World of Vodafone at your fingertips with the MyVodafone App,” a statement said.

A customer can also track his usage of the pack/plan on real-time basis, manage multiple accounts, track bill payments and recharges, subscribe to new products and services and make MNP requests.

MyVodafone App, Kavita Nair – National Head – Retail and Digital, Vodafone India said, “Customers are gaining comfort with apps and are using them to shop, subscribe to services and access news/information. From accessing their services to managing their accounts or transacting or even getting their problems resolved, the app is a manifestation of Vodafone, on the smartphone.“

Siddharth Banerjee, National Head – Brand Communication & Insights, Vodafone India, said: “The new MyVodafone App campaign aims at citing feature-led benefits of adopting and using the app, thereby driving home the key point that one can avail of Vodafone services, now on one’s phone. The much loved Zumi Army will engage with customers through different mediums, showcasing key features of the all new MyVodafone App.”

The MyVodafone App is available to all Android users and is free to download from Google Play. The app will be made available for other user interphases sequentially.

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December 20, 2015 9:00 pm 9:00 PM

Whenever people discuss about operators in Delhi, only voda and Airtel comes into discussion. Mainly because of the fact because they provide the best services here.

Now who is better? IMHO it varies from place to place. Airtel had an edge over voda but recent network upgrade by voda made their network a lot better. (at least at my resident). So it really hard to say now who is better. Yes, I too miss free MCA services by voda.

December 20, 2015 8:34 pm 8:34 PM

Advertising doesn’t even make a bit of a difference, why do operators waste so much money which they should instead use to improve the network. People use the mobile service based on word of mouth of their friends and relatives, not by watching some stupid ad. These companies are present for ages, people already know their details.