Inbox by Gmail now allows users to share travel plans with anyone via single tap

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Google announced a new way to make travelling hassle-free via its Inbox by Gmail app. The app now allows users to share their travel plans and photos with family and friends with a single tap. It means that now instead of sending different travel related mails (flight, car, hotel), users can now share all these details in a single e-mail to keep all fellow travellers updated.

Google Inbox

The Inbox app was already equipped with a similar feature, known as “Trip Bundles”. It used to gather various emails linked to upcoming trips such as flight booking, car rental, hotel booking, and much more. It also used to provide other travel related information such as flight timing at the top. Now, users will be able to share all these plans and information with family and friends, which will ensure that you are on the same page regarding the travel itinerary.

Moreover, users will be allowed to add custom emails to a trip through the “move to” option from the menu. That’s not all, users will also be enabled to set a trip to be accessible offline, which will ensure that plans stay in place while on a move. This will save users from unwanted hassle when they don’t have access to a consistent internet connection. This would help users to make the most out of their trips without spending time on unwanted travel pre-requistes.

The app will also make it easier to share your holiday images. In its blog post, Google said,”Improved mobile attachments give you quick access to your recent photos, and let you attach multiple photos at once,”

All these new features will soon go live in the app. Google unveiled the app in Oct. 2014 to make Gmail much more organised for the users. In its initial phase it was available only through invitation, but is now readily accessible to iOS and Android users.

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