Vodafone vs Airtel: Which Telco Has an Upper Hand in Postpaid Segment Under Rs 1000

Telecom operators are offering aggressive prepaid plans which in fact hurting the ARPU. To keep the ARPU in check, telcos have rolled out aggressive postpaid plans, and at the same time, they’re looking to take on Jio’s foray into the postpaid segment. In response to Jio’s Rs 199 postpaid plan, Vodafone has revised its entire postpaid portfolio, which was soon followed by Bharti Airtel. Vodafone’s RED range of postpaid plans now start at Rs 299 and goes all the way up to Rs 2,999. On the flip side, Airtel has its myPlan Infinity postpaid plans starting at Rs 399 and going up to Rs 2,999. Below we have compared the postpaid plans under Rs 1000 from both Airtel and Vodafone to see which one provides better benefits.


Vodafone RED Basic Rs 299 Plan

Vodafone has an advantage under Rs 1000 postpaid segment because the telco is offering a Rs 299 postpaid plan which Airtel is not providing. Under the Rs 299 RED Basic plan, Vodafone is giving 20GB of data every month with data rollover facility up to 50GB, unlimited voice calls without any FUP limit and 100 SMS for a month.

Rs 399 Postpaid Plan: Airtel vs Vodafone

Vodafone offers 40GB 4G data to its subscribers in this price point along with 200GB of data rollover facility. There are also unlimited calling benefits included in this plan. The plan also comes with complimentary Amazon Prime membership. The Airtel Rs 399 Infinity plan offers 20GB data to the subscriber along with data rollover of 500GB. Unlike the Vodafone plan, the Airtel plan doesn’t come with Amazon Prime membership, but it does offer free access to Wynk music. Airtel recently started offering additional 20GB data for a year with the Rs 399 plan.

Rs 499 Postpaid Plan: Airtel vs Vodafone

The competition gets equated in this price as both the telcos offer the same 75GB data benefit to the subscribers.
However, the Airtel plan provides 500GB data rollover while Vodafone provides only 200GB max data rollover facility in its plan. Speaking of add-ons, both the plans provide the free Amazon Prime membership. Combined with the unlimited calling as well as SMS benefits, there is no clear winner between the two in the Rs 499 price category.

Airtel Rs 799 Plan vs Vodafone Rs 999 plan

The Airtel plan of Rs 799 offers 100GB data to the subscribers similar to the Rs 999 plan by Vodafone. The data rollover CAPEX remains the same for Vodafone at 200GB and 500GB for Airtel. However, the thing to note here is that although the Vodafone plan costs Rs 200 more, the add-on benefit of two month Netflix subscription which is worth Rs 1000 seems like the cherry on top of this plan. There is also the usual calling and SMS benefits in both the plans.

The Airtel and Vodafone plan both come with unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. All Vodafone RED plans offer free, complimentary access to Vodafone Play and Amazon Prime and some pricier plans also offer complimentary mobile insurance and Netflix subscription for two months. Airtel Infinity plans, on the other hand, provide free access to Wynk Music and some pricier plans bundle Airtel TV subscription, Amazon Prime subscription, handset insurance and free add-on connection with unlimited calls.

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Khanna Bharat
August 24, 2018 9:31 am 9:31 AM

Airtel postpaid is currently peoviding the best postpaid plans

Rs 799 for 3 number, plenty of data unlimited calls, Airtel TV , Wynk music and Amazon prime .

leaps and bounds ahead of competition

Kaushik IMA
August 24, 2018 4:38 pm 4:38 PM

If you actually use more than 3 numbers, you will realise idea has the better plans.

Moreover, Idea is better in postpaid plans above 1000.

Don’t want to go into details because I already did that in past.

Nikhil Mumbai-Pune
August 24, 2018 4:01 pm 4:01 PM

Vodafone loosing lot of customers in Mumbai circle due to pathetic network off late.

Kaushik IMA
August 26, 2018 7:26 pm 7:26 PM

Do you find it pathetic?

Till date I see it’s the best 3G and 2G network in Mumbai.

Only Jio competes with Vodafone in Mumbai.

Nikhil Mumbai-Pune
August 28, 2018 7:33 pm 7:33 PM

Airtel is improving a lot in Mumbai for internet but for Voice it’s pathetic.(Maybe due to less users onboard).

Nikhil Mumbai-Pune
August 28, 2018 7:32 pm 7:32 PM

4G network only. 3G network is good.

Sayak Roy - Kolkata
August 26, 2018 7:51 am 7:51 AM

Same here in Kolkata.

Mudassar | Thane, Mumbai
August 23, 2018 5:27 pm 5:27 PM

On june 25, vodafone announced they gonna release VoWifi , whats the process ! Its august ready. Are they waiting for jio to take a move again or what?

Mudassar | Thane, Mumbai
August 23, 2018 4:03 pm 4:03 PM

Leave about plans, coverage and speed wise i’ll give it to airtel , also airtel entertainment apps like airtel tv app , wynk music nd Cinema are far better than Vodafone’s.

Kaushik IMA
August 24, 2018 4:39 pm 4:39 PM

Vodafone Bill Guarantee, Red Hot Deals, Tuesday offer and constant coupon giving along with m pesa are better than Airtel.

But yes I agree airtel apps are better.