Vodafone India ‘Made for First Love’ Campaign Makes its Mark With Another Hit TVC

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Vodafone always gets us hooked on to our Television screens with their heart warming TVC's be it man’s best friend Dogs to the white creatures with ballooned bodies and egg heads ZooZoo's and now it's time for some Refreshing Young Love.


The ad starts with the character of a college romeo in a blue t-shirt lying on the bed talking to his love interest over the phone about their zodiac compatibility and goes on to deliberately portraying a very positive image of him to impress the girl by sharing small lies like wearing the same colour as the girl, never forgetting anything, calling some other girl “CHIPKU” which moves on to something more intimate and romantic and ends with the sun streaming through the balcony while the romeo is still on the call and has his legs wrapped up in the curtains suggesting that he was talking all night long and still continuing in the morning by making plans of going to a garden near the girlfriend’s residence.

With this Vodafone promises to offer uninterrupted service's and best prices to the Indian market. The ad has hit the right spot with their target audiences being the young batch of kids, but as their catchphrase states “Made For First Love" citing network for never ending conversation does it really stands what they claim  only end user can decide. Vodafone India always seems to have a knack of portraying human nature in the most honest & genuine way in these TVC’s and has proven to their competitors that they are still in the game to be India’s leading mobile service providers locally & socially.

Though the tailor made a remarkable impact on audience which is still lagging behind,though we expect to be on a fast pace too. Slow and steady can always win the race, anyways as the competition is between their own two ads we are sure Vodafone will pass with flying colours with more hits.

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