Vodafone Idea Introduces Industry-First Contactless Recharge Facility at Retail Outlets

Vodafone Idea has introduced the facility of contactless recharge at its retail outlets for ensuring that social distancing is maintained

To ensure that social distancing is maintained, Vodafone Idea has introduced the facility of contactless recharge at its retail outlets. No one in the telecom industry is doing this at the moment. Usually, when you go for a recharge to a retail outlet, the store employee or the owner gives you the device for entering your phone number and then processes the recharge. But this is not an option anymore as there is a risk of coming into contact with a person infected with COVID-19. This is why Vodafone Idea has made the Smart Connect app voice-enabled. So now, instead of taking the phone into your hands for entering the number, you can just speak it out from a safe distance and the app will recognise and type it for you.

Vodafone Idea Retail Outlets to Get the Facility

When the Smart Connect Retailer App is opened for recharge, it prompts for the number to be entered. For ensuring the accuracy of the number typed in, the retailer asks the customer to enter it. But now, the customer will speak out the number and the app will type it automatically. However, there are no reviews available for how accurate the app is in recording the voiced numbers. All the open outlets in the Green Zone and Red Zone are going to be providing this facility. This is the only change that you will find while recharging your phone number through a retail outlet; everything else will remain the same.

The Voice-Based Feature to Support Hindi and English

A lot of people might not speak numbers in English. This is why the company has enabled the app to recognise Hindi numbers as well. In the coming time, Vodafone Idea will be equipping the app with more languages to make it convenient for people from every part of India to recharge their devices. Ambrish Jain, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Vodafone Idea, said that telco endeavours to innovate their services and help out their 300 million customers during the time of crisis.

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