Vodafone Idea MD Extends Gratitude to Subscribers and Lauds Vi Network

Vodafone Idea remains in a massive cash crunch with dues upwards of Rs 1.5 lakh crore in total. In such a situation, the Supreme Court has also refused to take a look at recalculation of the dues


  • Vodafone has AGR and spectrum payment dues
  • The company's MD has tried to allay fears during crisis times
  • Over 10,000 people will lose jobs if Vodafone Idea collapses

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Vodafone Idea

Vodafone Idea has not taken well, the order of the Supreme Court which comes after the petition to review the Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) calculation. The Rs 58,254 crore dues that Vodafone Idea currently owes to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) have been overestimated as per Vodafone Idea. Appealing again and again to the courts, Vodafone Idea has made attempts at correcting this figure and bringing it down to Rs 21,533 crore which is the correct figure as per the telecom operator. Amidst all of this hassle, Vi MD and CEO, Ravinder Takkar has come out with a statement thanking the telco’s 270 million subscribers and expressing his gratitude.

Vi MD Extends Gratitude to Subscribers

The statement from Takkar comes at a very crucial time when conversations about Vodafone Idea going rampant are catching up the heat. However, what is peculiar and interesting at the same time about the statement is that Takkar’s remarks do not mention anything about the crisis situation that Vodafone Idea finds itself in. On the contrary, after thanking the 270 million subscribers of Vodafone Idea, Takkar added that Vi will continue to offer superior services and best-in-class propositions to its subscribers. He also added that Vodafone Idea has expanded 4G coverage to 1 billion customers and the company also remains the top-rated fastest telco in India. Further, he added that the Vodafone Idea network is 5G-ready as well.

Many to Lose Jobs If Vodafone Idea Goes Bust

The company on the other hand had a very grim picture to paint in its remarks from a few days before in which it showed concerns about going “under”. In its reply to the SC judgement, Vodafone Idea has maintained its fears of going bankrupt. Currently, the total dues on the telco’s head remain at Rs 1.5 lakh crore to the DoT including spectrum deferred payments and AGR dues. Showing concerns about the financial health of the company it has already been said that if Vodafone Idea collapses 10,000 direct and 10,000 associate employees would also lose their jobs along with 1 lakh distributors and retailers. It is also said that Vodafone Idea’s subscribers will be left “high and dry” in such a scenario.

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