Telecom Department Must Ensure Continued Connectivity: TAIPA

TAIPA has requested the telecom department to ensure continued connectivity during the lockdown period

By April 22nd, 2021 AT 7:48 PM


The Tower and Infrastructure Providers Association (TAIPA) has requested the telecom department to ensure continued connectivity during the lockdown period. Because of the lockdowns implemented in different parts of the country, the telecom personnel can’t visit and ensure proper maintenance and functioning of the telecom tower sites.

As per an ET Telecom report, the TAIPA wants the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to intervene in the government’s decision and allow field workers and technicians to access telecom tower sites for ensuring consistent connectivity during the lockdown. People rely on their mobile networks for calling and data for working and learning from home. If proper network connectivity isn’t ensured, it will lead to chaos.

TAIPA Asks DoT to Talk With Authorities For Resuming Field Work at Telecom Sites

TAIPA has requested DoT to direct all the concerned ministries and authorities along with the state governments for extending support to the Telecom Infrastructure Providers (IP-1) during the ongoing lockdown.

TAIPA wants the DoT to get permission for field staff and technicians to move unrestrictedly for routine tasks and maintenance on the telecom tower sites, which includes refuelling of diesel and more.

On top of this, TAIPA wants DoT to ask the oil companies and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas to ensure round-the-clock availability of diesel in case an emergency arises. Further, TAIPA wants uninterrupted electric power supply to all the telecom towers sites so that operations of operators can continue seamlessly, but more importantly, consumers aren’t cut off from the network.

TAIPA wants these permissions and promises for every state of the country. Further, TAIPA has requested DoT to ensure the security and safety of each of the field staff stepping out of their homes to go work on telecom tower sites.

Ultimately, the TAIPA wants that no legal actions should be taken against the field staff travelling to telecom tower sites for routine maintenance and operations.

Because of the rising cases of COVID-19 in India, the statement and UT governments across the country are resorting to lockdowns. At a time such as this, people need strong and uninterrupted connectivity. Thus DoT should look into the matter and fulfil the requests made by TAIPA.

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