Lycamobile Offering 20GB Extra Data Per Month to Support Online Learning

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Lycamobile, a British mobile network operator, is now offering 20GB extra data per month with its recharge plans to support online learning. For the same, the telecom operator has partnered with the Welsh Government. Lycamobile aims to support the remote learning of students throughout the summer and spring terms.

A release from the company said that digitally excluded students in Wales returning to the school for the remainder of this academic year would be eligible to access the Mobile Data Uplift Scheme. This initiative from the government and Lycamobile will ensure that students don’t miss out on critical learning and development at a challenging time.

Eligible Parents and Carers of Students Will Receive Bonus Data

The 20GB bonus data offered by Lycamobile will go to the eligible parents or carers of the students. The operator will keep offering the 20GB bonus data to the users till the end of the school year in July. This offer will further be available for eligible adult learners as well. Students, regardless of their age, can continue learning online.

Following the Easter break, the government of Welsh completely re-opened all the schools to continue with their learning more effectively. The Welsh government and the local authorities are currently carefully monitoring the situation. In the meantime, Lycamobile is trying to support the families and the customers of the region in any way it can. The operator has already allocated 3,000 data uplifts to the scheme in Wales.

All the digitally excluded and disadvantaged children who are enrolled in local-authority-maintained secondary and primary schools can apply for this offer from Lycamobile. Further, students or learners who don’t have direct access to wired broadband or appropriate internet-connected devices to help with learning online can apply for this offer as well. On top of this, students who can’t afford to purchase additional data for gaining access to educational resources can apply for the extra data.

The 20GB bonus data initiative is Lycamobile’s effort in supporting the Data Uplift scheme introduced by the Welsh Government. It will help students of the country learn and grow without any stress of data shortage.

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