Vodafone Germany to Build 5G/6G Research Facility in Dresden

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Vodafone 5G

Since 5G is making its space in the tech industry, telecom operators and nations are developing multiple research facilities to utilise the full potential of the next-generation technology. Recently, Vodafone Germany has announced the establishment of a 5G research and development facility in the Dresden state of Saxony. According to a report of RCR Wireless, the new research centre of Vodafone will be the epitome of intriguing job opportunities.

The R&D facility will nearly generate more than 200 highly qualified jobs over a few years. Vodafone said the centre would invest time and efforts in the development of 5G and future 6G systems. Not only this but specific applications in the areas of automation, connected agriculture, OpenRan will be developed in the facility.

Vodafone Group Launched Competition to Host R&D Facility

Back in January 2021, Vodafone Group announced an international competition in which nearly eight European cities were selected in advance that could host the newly announced R&D facility. Hannes Ametsreiter, who is the CEO of Vodafone Germany, stated that back in 2020, Vodafone launched 5G in Germany for the first time.

In 2021, the entity strives to develop 6G in Dresden from Germany for the world. Dirk Hilbert, Mayor of Dresden, stated that the presence and investment of multiple companies, institutes and startups make Dresden one of the prominent tech locations in Europe. The decision by Vodafone to invest in an R&D facility reflects the credibility of the location in terms of technological advancements.

More than 25 Millon Customers Enjoy Vodafone 5G Network

Vodafone Germany recently released the active 5G customers and stated that more than 25 million customers enjoy the high-speed 5G network. The telco giant also plans to continue to expand the mobile network through more than 7,000 construction projects, including 3,000 5G projects to activate 9,000 antennas.

By the end of this year, Vodafone Germany strives to expand the reach of the 5G network to nearly 30 million people. In April, Vodafone inked a deal with Ericsson, Nokia, Qualcomm and Oppo to launch its standalone 5G network. The telco aims to have 4,000 live sites in the 5G SA network by the end of this year.

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