Vodafone Offers 28GB of Data and Unlimited Calling for Prepaid Users at Rs 159

Vodafone India has silently introduced a new prepaid tariff plan of Rs 159, taking on Jio’s Rs 149 and Airtel’s Rs 149 prepaid plans. This new plan from Vodafone is valid across the telco’s 4G circles and the best part is it has been introduced as an open market plan, not for select users. However, Vodafone is not offering as good benefits as Jio’s Rs 149 plan, but it matches Airtel in the data benefit though. Vodafone’s all-new Rs 159 plan gives a user 28GB of 3G/4G data, unlimited voice calling and 100 SMS per day for a month. On the other hand, Jio is giving 1.5GB of daily data along with unlimited voice calling without any FUP limit and 100 SMS per day for the same validity period.


Vodafone Rs 159 Prepaid Plan Benefits in Detail

As mentioned above, Vodafone has matched Bharti Airtel with the benefits of the Rs 159 plan. India’ second largest telco is giving unlimited voice calling with a cap of 250 minutes per day and 1000 minutes per week. Furthermore, Vodafone is also capping the voice calls to 100 unique numbers during the entire validity period.

Coming to the data benefit, Vodafone is providing 1GB of data per day for 28 days, which makes it 28GB of data benefit for the entire validity. Lastly, users will also get 100 SMS per day benefit, but the SMS benefit varies with every circle. In some circles, Vodafone is offering 100 SMS per day, while in some circles, it’s giving 100 SMS for the plan validity period and in some circles, it’s not providing any SMS benefits at all.

The plan is valid for 28 days from the date of recharge and it’s an open market plan valid across all the Vodafone 4G circles.

Vodafone Rs 159 Prepaid Plan vs Jio’s Rs 149 Plan

As it’s clearly known, Vodafone has introduced this prepaid plan to take on Jio’s Rs 149 plan, which has been one of the best-prepaid plans under Rs 150 since the start of 2018. However, Vodafone fails to beat Jio as the Mukesh Ambani-owned telco is giving unlimited voice calls without any FUP limit, 100 SMS per day and 1GB of 4G data per day for 28 days. And more importantly, the plan is valid across all the 22 telecom circles in India.

Vodafone Rs 159 Prepaid Plan vs Airtel Rs 149 Plan

While Vodafone is offering its all-new prepaid plan as an open market one with slight variations in terms of benefits, Airtel is offering the Rs 149 plan for select users in all the circles, again with slight variations in benefits. Airtel is giving 1GB of data per day along with unlimited voice calling without any FUP limit and 100 SMS per day for a period of 28 days, same as Vodafone. For some users, the same plan gives 1GB of 4G data for the entire validity period of 28 days and unlimited voice calls for 28 days.

Vodafone is Very Aggressive in Prepaid Segment These Days

Just a couple of days ago, Vodafone has unveiled its entire range of 1.5GB daily data plans starting at Rs 209. Vodafone now has three plans offering 1.5GB data per day, and they are Rs 209, Rs 479 and Rs 529. The Rs 209 plan offers benefits for 28 days, followed by the Rs 479 with 84 days validity and Rs 529 plan which is valid for 90 days.

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August 26, 2018 9:52 am 9:52 AM

I don’t know what the plan 98 is. 98 = 28gb data for 28days. Validity 14days.

August 26, 2018 12:29 am 12:29 AM

Vodafone-Idea will be a big failure because their focus is mainly cost cutting and not investing. Therefore customers will dump Vodafone-Idea in very big numbers!

Shashank Blore
August 25, 2018 4:09 pm 4:09 PM

Jio latching to Vodafone 4G when I tried calling with VOLTE off

Jio admirer
August 25, 2018 8:24 pm 8:24 PM

Which circle??