Vivo Reveals TOF 3D Sensing Technology With Industry’s Highest Resolution 3D Sensing Claim

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Chinese smartphone brand, Vivo, which is also the child brand of BBK Electronics, today revealed its Time of Flight (TOF) 3D Sensing Technology at MWC Shanghai 2018, with the promise of a paradigm shift in imaging, AR and human-machine interaction. Vivo’s TOF 3D Sensing Technology detects the time it takes emitted pulse light to return to the sensor to accurately map objects at up to three meters in front of it. According to Vivo, this new technology enables new opportunities in facial, gesture and motion recognition, 3D photography and AR, expanding the capabilities of the next generation of smart devices. After the In-Display fingerprint scanner and Vivo Nex smartphone, this is yet another new technology from the Chinese company.


According to Vivo, the TOF 3D Sensing Technology features industry-leading performance in depth of information captured with its 300,000 sensor points, which is ten times the number of existing Structured Light Technology. This also raises the bar by enabling 3D mapping at up to three metres from the phone while having a smaller baseline than Structured Light. The TOF 3D Sensing Technology is also simpler and smaller in structure and allows for more flexibility when embedded in a smartphone.

That being said, Vivo's TOF 3D Sensing Technology is not a concept. "The technology is tested and meets industry standards required for integration with current apps soon. Beyond facial recognition, TOF 3D Sensing Technology will open up new possibilities for entertainment as well as work," said Vivo in a press statement.

Through precise and accurate tracking of gestures and movements of the user’s entire body, TOF 3D Sensing Technology creates entirely new ways to interact with and experience the world. Using AI to beautify a photo according to the entire person is a whole step above current photography applications. "Merging this technology with AR capabilities could take users one step further and allow them to try on clothes virtually with enhanced 3D virtual fitting. It can also track gestures for mixed reality (MR) games and provide an entire new way to immerse yourself in a virtual world through MR games," added Vivo.

By combining AI recognition with TOF 3D Sensing Technology’s precise understanding of what it sees, users can even capture entire objects using 3D modelling. Users can therefore scan and recreate entire objects digitally. This technology can also be used to scan lesson props for education, or even help scan critical parts of the body for medical purposes.

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