Unlockar app pays you every time you unlock your Android device

Lock screens form one of the most important parts of our smartphones, especially in Android. Just a glance can give us notification about a slew of our most important applications. How would you feel if you got paid every time you unlocked your smartphone. Unlockar Apps which a developer startup from New Delhi has released an application called Unlockar which pays you for unlocking your smartphone.


The application which has been announced for Android comes with an intelligent lock screen called the uScreen. The application presents you with a slew of infomercial channels upon unlocking the device depending upon what you subscribe to. The various channels are Incredible India, Who Said It!, ROFL, Fundoo Facts, Blast from the Past, Girl Gang, Bro Code, Wanderers for Life, Deals and Discounts and Mad about Ads. The developers have stated that they are constantly working on adding more content.

You get paid in the form of rupees or uCoins every time you unlock the phone. The money obtained can be used to get deals, discounts, shopping vouchers and even bid for auctions at uShop which is the app’s shopping portal. The first 10,000 users are being offered Rs 10 as a gesture for downloading the application which will be credited directly into your wallet. You can download it here.

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sreenivasa reddy
May 13, 2014 6:43 am 6:43 AM

There are many best apps like paisaswipe, earnlock, which are far better than the unlockar. Please publish an article with all the apps which pays the users for just unlocking the screen

May 11, 2014 9:35 pm 9:35 PM

Its not worth it. Used to previously work on such desktop bars and the money accumulated is meagre compared to the nuisance as well as the patience.