Uninor launches ‘terrific21 Pack’ Offers 3000 Local Seconds for Rs.21

Uninor today unveiled a special calling package for its subscribers across Andhra Pradesh. Known as the ‘terrific21 pack’, customers can attend to their voice calling needs at a cost effective rate.

The ‘terrific21 pack’ available for a recharge of Rs. 21 provides 3000 local seconds to any service provider anywhere in Andhra Pradesh. The pack is valid for 30 days. With no limit in terms of usage, a customer can choose to use all of the 3000 local seconds in a day or spread it across depending on his communication requirements.

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ahmed farooqi
May 30, 2012 7:12 pm 7:12 PM

just sent a mail to [email protected]

yours complaint will be recetified in 24 hours.

or else please 777 from yours uninor mobile on which service activate and select deactivate and follow on the IVR instructions.
deactivation will take 48 hours and balance will be automatically refunded.

note: this is applicable for those customers who have got automatically recharged.

May 30, 2012 1:06 pm 1:06 PM


@ ABHIK you fail to state that AIRCEL (WB) launched in 1999 while UNINOR (WB) launched in 2009 !!

>> In Asansol, Uninor is the worst service provider, leading by Reliance… If we compare with Aircel, the quality of telephone service is far better than Uninor.

May 30, 2012 1:04 pm 1:04 PM


UNINOR RC205 (Andhra Pradesh) is a good offer:
120,000 Uninor2Uninor sec (2000 min)
42,000 Uninor2Others sec (700 min)
Validity 30 days.

UNINOR RC550 (Andhra Pradesh) is a better offer:
120,000 Uninor2Uninor sec (2000 min) PER MONTH
42,000 Uninor2Others sec (700 min) PER MONTH
Validity 90 days.