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Twitter is in a bit of a tough spot over the new laws that have been set by the government, which, if not agreed to, could result in the banning of the popular social media application. This comes a couple of days after the social media platform opened its verification feature to the masses after a brief intermission.

It seems that the company still has some things in store for its users, from the Super Follow feature to certain other usability related advancements, Twitter is heading towards change. According to a report by 9To5 Mac based on the findings of popular researcher Jane Manchun Wong, the new Super Follow ability seems to have popped up on her profile.

This comes a week after Twitter had hinted at changes scheduled for the profiles of its users and individuals that make use of Twitter to tweet about certain topics.

What Else Does Twitter Have In-Store

The report suggests that the Super Follow feature could come in two ways, either as a small button or a large one, both in a circular fashion. There might also be a feature to tip certain users, by the name of Tip Jar, which would allow others to tip a certain user that they deem worthy of their cash.

If a user activates their Tip Jar functionality, the icon for the same is expected to appear alongside the Follow button. Once someone clicks the button, a list of payment services is displayed that would allow the user to tip someone, given that they have enabled access to the particular platform.

Once the specific service or platform is chosen, the user will be redirected to the app of their choice to complete the transaction. Further changes to the Twitter app could include a change in the colour scheme, with hints of a monochrome hue to the popular application.

This comes a couple of days after a separate report suggested that Twitter is planning to make its Clubhouse rival, Twitter Spaces a monetised platform by introducing ticketed spaces, which would include a space that would require a ticket that could be purchased by paying a certain amount of money.

The Verge has mentioned that, to be eligible for this feature, you need to have over 1000 followers, you need to have had hosted 3 spaces in the last three days and be over 18 years old due to legal reasons.

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