TT Digest: TRAI Wants New 2G Players to Leave, Voice Tariff Hike Why ?

TRAI Wants New 2G Players to Leave, Voice Tariff Hike WhyTRAI Wants 2008-Licensees to Leave Indian Telecom sector

In response to 2G scam TRAI is likely to make exit policy for new mobile operators who won licenses in 2008.

It will also vacate 2G spectrum. It is a bad move. Global operators like Telenor, Sistema, Etisalat & Batelco are investing a lot in Indian mobile sector and they will not surrender. Till date only Loop Mobile has announced to return the spectrum.

I simply do not understand why TRAI is trying to kill the competition of the market. Without competition what can be happened is seen in broadband sector. If TRAI compels new players to leave, it will also create a monopoly for older players like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea.

Also if these new players leave, what will happen to the subscribers using their services? We certainly do not like to be cheated & looted by Airtel & its gang.

Tariff Hike – Why?

Airtel turns to be pioneer in tariff hike for voice calls. Atlast they can be a pioneer! Soon Idea and Aircel followed this. But does it ensure better services to the customers?

Interestingly they are doing these to those circles, where they are at top. I guess that will reveal how customers react and with positive feedback they can turn tariff hike to other circles also. I also find that tariff hike is done only for voice tariff, more specifically for per second tariff. Operators want people use more rate cutters or power vouchers.

Experts welcome it as it will help operators to raise their profits. But frankly speaking bigger operators invested money for 3G & BWA, BWA launch is still not in sight, 3G has been launched but due to high cost people are not using the data services, so they are not getting return of their investment. Airtel also invested a lot for its overseas operations mainly in Africa. They picked a wrong call making voice calls slightly costly.

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cva prasad
August 1, 2011 8:30 pm 8:30 PM

Am much concerned about this; I like Tata Docomo; Initially am a post-paid Airtel; vodafone customer now into Tata Docomo prepaid customer with extreme joy and pleasure. I would also encourage BSNL as well now a days coming with lots good things. I like BSNL STV rs.12 for 15days roaming pack but because TRAI it was withdrawn; Iam not sure TRAI is there to do something good for public/telecom- customer’s or not????

July 28, 2011 10:28 pm 10:28 PM

do u think it will effect on postpaid customer?

July 28, 2011 10:27 pm 10:27 PM
Airtel,vodafone,idea gives tariff validity one year only , this is a plan to end tariff war. Docomo and Bsnl giving 1ps/sec for life long. All biggies enjoy profits because almost all govt employees using biggies nearly 75% of incomes only postpaid and only 25% prepaid. so they don’t care prepaid customer. for example my brother is cooperate customer using airtel connection, he pays nearly rs 1600/- and i observed the usage 600 min local and 300 min std on avg. on seeing entire bill i understood basic tariff is too high Once mnp came, my brother is just ported out… Read more »