TRAI Releases Recommendations on AI and Big Data in Telecom Sector

TRAI releases guidelines to leverage Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in the Indian telecommunication sector, aiming for digital empowerment and transformative advancements.


  • TRAI's recommendations focus on harnessing AI and Big Data to enhance service quality and network security in the telecom sector.
  • The proposal includes the establishment of an independent Artificial Intelligence and Data Authority of India (AIDAI).
  • Collaboration with industry, academia, and government bodies is emphasized for skill development and AI adoption.

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TRAI Releases Recommendations on AI and Big Data in Telecom Sector

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released its recommendations on "Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Telecommunication Sector." The move aims to unlock the transformative power of digital communications networks, as envisioned in the National Digital Communications Policy (NDCP)-2018, to achieve the goal of digital empowerment, according to the official release.

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Formulating a Regulatory Roadmap

The NDCP-2018 emphasizes harnessing emerging digital technologies such as 5G, AI, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, and Big Data to catalyze the fourth industrial revolution. In line with this vision, the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) sought TRAI's recommendation on the provision in NDCP-2018, focusing on leveraging AI and Big Data to enhance the overall quality of service, spectrum management, network security, and reliability.

To formulate a roadmap for AI and emerging technology in the communication sector, TRAI organized a virtual conference on "Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Big Data (BD) in the Telecom Sector" in August 2020.

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TRAI's comprehensive consultation paper on "Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in the Telecommunication Sector," issued in August 2022, covered wide-ranging issues across all sectors. After analyzing stakeholder comments and discussions during Open House Discussions, TRAI finalized its recommendations. Recognizing the cross-sector impact of AI, TRAI proposed a common regulatory framework covering all sectors.

Key Features of TRAI's Recommendations:

  1. Establishment of Artificial Intelligence and Data Authority of India (AIDAI): TRAI proposes the immediate establishment of an independent statutory authority responsible for the development of responsible AI and regulating AI use cases.
  2. Multi Stakeholder Body (MSB): AIDAI will be supported by an advisory body comprising representatives from various ministries, industry, academia, legal and cyber experts.
  3. Risk-Based Regulation: Specific AI use cases will be regulated based on a risk assessment, with high-risk applications subject to legally binding obligations.
  4. AI Adoption in Telecom: TRAI recommends collaborating with telecom service providers to enhance capabilities through AI and other technologies for real-time data analysis, network security, and customer grievance redressal.
  5. Skill Development: Collaboration with the Ministry of Education and All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is proposed to develop courses on AI and ethical use of AI for students in technical and non-technical institutes.
  6. AI Specific Infrastructure and Experimental Campuses: Each State/UT is suggested to establish a Centre of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence (CoE-AI) to facilitate research, development, and demonstrations of AI capabilities in various fields.
  7. Challenge-based Programs and Bounty Programs: TRAI recommends utilizing the "Digital Communication Innovation Square (DCIS)" scheme to support startups and organizations in AI/ML events and bounty programs for idea demonstration and solution improvement.

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TRAI's recommendations stress the responsible and inclusive development of AI and collaboration among stakeholders to achieve a sustainable digital future. As AI's impact spans multiple sectors, TRAI said a cohesive regulatory approach is deemed essential to ensure India's leading role in shaping global AI standards and governance structures.

The complete recommendations are available on TRAI's website.

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