TRAI responds to DOT’s reference on priority call routing during emergencies and disasters

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Telecom Regulatory Authority of India wrote a recommendation letter to Department of Telecommunication (DoT) stating the failure of the network during the network disaster on November 26, 2013.


Immediately after the receipt of this letter, the DoT constituted a committee and ordered the examination of these recommendations suggested by TRAI. After putting in extra-ordinary efforts to look after all the possible points, it forwarded the report to the Committee on November 10, 2014.  TRAI has gone through the report and has finalized its response the recommendations of DoT.

TRAI’s Recommendations:

The first recommendation has come in the form of a call routing scheme to ensure that important calls during the disasters can be routed on priority basis. Apart from this recommendation, TRAI also favors the implementation of eMLPP based PCR (priority call routing) along with the right to pre-empt the ongoing call, if required.

DoT’s View on These Recommendations:

Priority call routing is an important step, and the recommendation of TRAI about PCR can be accepted. The telecom network is comprised of Packet Switched as well as Circuit Switched domains; hence, PCR is to be implemented in both the domains together.

There is a need for inclusion of PCR in multimedia communication and emergency calls with the help of IP-Multimedia Sub-System and improved Multi-Media Priority service. The authority will look forward to implement the above-stated points in the near future.

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