TRAI calls for suggestions on amendment of wireline and cellular standards regulation

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TRAIThe Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued a draft "The Standards of Quality of Service of Basic Telephone Service (Wireline) and Cellular Mobile Telephone Service (Fourth Amendment) Regulations, 2014" for comments from the stakeholders.

Through these amendments, the authority proposes to review the framework for financial disincentives for repeated failures to the meet Quality of Service (QoS) benchmarks.

“Telecom regulator has issued the Standards of Quality of Service of Basic Telephone Service (Wireline)and Cellular Mobile Telephone service (Second Amendment) Regulations dated 8th November 2012 to strengthen the effectiveness and compliance of regulation by introducing financial disincentives,” TRAI said in a statement.

“In the existing framework, financial disincentives of Rs 50,000 per parameter is imposed for violation of the first instance and Rs 1,00,000 per parameter for violation of subsequent instances for network related parameters of Cellular Mobile Telephone Services (CMTS). In the case of customer related parameter of CMTS, the financial disincentive of Rs 50,000 is imposed for each instance of noncompliance. Financial disincentive of Rs 50,000 per parameter for the first violation, Rs 1,00,000 per Parameter for second violation, Rs 1,50,000 for third violation and Rs 2,00,000 for fourth and subsequent violations of the QoS benchmarks,” it said.

“Based on the analysis of Performance Monitoring Reports for the past few quarters, the authority feels that there is a need to further strengthen the effectiveness of the regulation for ensuring compliance with quality parameters,” it added.

The proposed draft regulation could act as a deterrent to repeated noncompliance with the benchmark of quality parameters.

“The financial disincentive for both the customer related and network related parameter is also proposed to be made identical.

The draft "The standards of Quality of Service of Basic telephone service (Wireline) and Cellular Mobile telephone Service (Fourth Amendment) Regulations, 2014" has been placed on TRAI's website for the comments of stakeholders . Stakeholders are requested to submit their comments by 13th February 2015.

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