Top 5 New Features on PUBG Mobile After Update 0.13.0 – Godzilla Theme, Team Deathmatch and More

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On June 12, Tencent Games updated its most popular game, PUBG Mobile to the version 0.13.0 which brought many new add-ons and improvements. There was a lot of new stuff to witness for the gamers, and some of the highlights included the Godzilla 2 event, changes to Survive Till Dawn mode and more. Just like it is the case with other updates, the game was taken off for maintenance on June 11, and the players started receiving the update on the next day. In case you haven’t updated the game, then we would suggest that you do it at once through the Google Play Store and make use of all the new add-ons that you can find. While this update brings a lot of new things, here are the top five features from the version 0.13.0.

Team Deathmatch

This is possibly the most talked about feature of the new PUBG Mobile update. This new mode finally makes its way to the game, and over here, two squads of four players each will be able to fight each other in a small area. The highlight of this mode will be that there will be no permanent deaths, and if you are killed, you will be respawned immediately. The players receive 1 point each for a kill and the first team to get 40 points wins. On our testing, we find that the pacing of the mode is swift and there is a lot of action, but since there is not much moving around, the deathmatch mode might start to feel repetitive after a while. There is also a big issue of desyncing which PUBG might need o fix in the Team Deathmatch mode.

Crew Challenge Update

The Crew Challenge qualifying round on PUBG Mobile has also been given a whirl with this new update. As part of the Crew Challenge now there will be 6 matches in a day, up from 5. Each squad will be able to participate in up to 3 matches, and they will be allowed to participate in a total of 18 qualifying matches, whereas previously this limit was 12. Another feature for Crew challenge is the 10-minutes prior notice which the participants will receive from now on. Lastly, there are also new items in the crew shop for the players.

Controls for FPP

The new update on PUBG Mobile has also added different settings for TPP (Third Person Perspective) and FPP (First Person Perspective). Now players will be able to have different settings for both the mode, and it will be useful for someone who likes to play with both of these during the gameplay.

Survive Till Dawn Changes

The new update 0.13.0 on PUBG Mobile also brings changes to the Survive Till Dawn and the Darkest Night mode. Speaking of zombies, 4 new types of zombies have replaced the old zombies on the game. The liquid nitrogen grenade also now leave a trail of freezing smoke on the ground for a more extended period reducing the movement speed of any unit in the area. The zombies also have new abilities like the Skinner can slow nearby players. Lastly, the police station on the map has been replaced by a factory.

Godzilla Theme

To bring this theme onboard the game, PUBG Mobile has partnered up with Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters and as part of this partnership, players will be able to see special clothes, skins, and a game theme which will be available from the inventory section.

Apart from the add-ons mentioned above, the game will have a handful of general changes too. For example, the players on Vikendi will now leave footprints, trails and tire tracks on the snow. Also, if you are killed by friendly fire, then you can decide whether or not the team player loses merit.

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