PUBG Mobile Death Match Mode on Update 0.13.0: All You Need to Know

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Last we heard about PUBG Mobile it was about the coming of the 0.13.0 update to the game which brought the Team Death Match (TDM) mode and the Godzilla: King of the monsters event to the game. Now although these new add-ons have not been extended to the stable version of the game, they are still available on the Beta version which is already being rolled out the players. Out of all these new add-ons, the Team Death Match mode is the most interesting one. So, here are all the things that you need to know about the TDM mode.

Team Death Match Mode Basics

The deathmatch mode concept isn’t unknown to the gamers, and the PUBG Mobile version brings it onboard with its latest update. The mode starts with two teams of four players each, whose aim is to collect 40 points. These points can be earned by killing the opponents and the first team to win 40 points wins the match.

Regenerating Health

Unlike in other modes on PUBG Mobile, the players in Team Death Match mode get regenerating health. If you had a close encounter while playing the game, then you needn’t worry and just hide for a while to restore your health.

Unlimited Lives

This is yet another feature which sets the Death Match Mode apart from other modes on PUBG Mobile. When players are killed during TDM, they respawn back on the map on their spawn point. Unlike in War mode, where you can respawn at any point on the map, in TDM, you have a single location for respawning. However, to ensure that spawn campers don't overrun your spawn point the players get few seconds of protection in the form of invincibility.

Single Map and Inventory

The players wishing to try their hands on the Team Death Match Mode will currently have to do with a single map which is called the ‘TDM: Warehouse’. This map features a warehouse building in the middle, as the name suggests and it also offers lots of covers as the map is filled with concrete blocks, shipping containers and more.

As for the inventory, the players start the match with a weapon in hand, but they also get the option of picking up other weapons on their spawn point. The players also get weapon attachments like red dot scope, 4x scopes and more. Even though, most of the weapons are balanced for both the teams, a single M249 light machine gun situated in the middle of the map might lend a massive advantage to the side which gets its hands on it.

Achievements and Pacing

In the TDM mode, the players get various recognitions for getting kill streaks, headshots and more and for the thrill and pacing of the game, since the TDM mode allows respawning the action is a notch higher than in the battle royale mode where survival is the priority.

When the match ends, the players will be able to check stats like kill or kills to death ratio. A player will also be named the Most Valuable Player (MVP).

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