TelecomTalk Wishes You A Very Happy Fools Day

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How many got thrilled reading our latest announcement of paid web magazine?

Announcing TT Magazine & TT Web Paid Services. People who are super excited about April 2nd's Worldcup final should also remember that today is April 1, and is globally known as "Fools day" :).

We here by officially request our readers not to take the news Announcing TT Magazine & TT Web Paid Services as serious and we are not fools to lose our lovely subscribers and readers for the sake of money by making TT a paid service!

Do I apologize to you for playing this prank on the very occasion of APRIL FOOLS DAY? I guess I will be punished in Court of NUF (FUN)! The very funny part which we must tell you is, we received over 250+ comments 50+ phone calls, some bidding a good bye to TT, some very possessive about TT that they were ready to donate to keep the site going some wanted to strike a deal !

Some even found out that we were playing a prank and commented saying so, Sorry our intelligent readers we didn't publish your comments during that time just to make sure we can  fool all others in a bigger way,we have now approved all the comments !However all the idea of this year's TT April Fool Day's prank came from RDB ! [He is shouting GIVE ME CREDIT Yaar!]

And finally the entire Team TT like to say sorry for any inconvenience caused to you i hope you take this in the right spirit after all its all fools day  :)

FYI- Do check out our last year prank An Undisclosed Telecom Operator To Acquire TelecomTalk

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