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The time has finally come for the big change. Things are at their saturation points. Now its time we should let you know. It’s time that we take some tough decisions. Telecomtalk has gained its popularity among you millions of people in just a short span of 3 years. It has earned itself the cherry over the cake and we would like to thank all those millions of readers who made it possible for us.

TelecomTalk Wishes You A Very Happy Fools Day

But some tough decisions are hard to be taken.

The team members have proved themselves worthy. Their hard work has finally paid off. Being freelancers they have now gained the capacity to draw in stuffs seriously. Time passed and seriousness seemed to grew and now its on their cheeks and beards.





Well now the TT guys are really busy with their own life. Starting up from Sanjay Bafna he is busy with his business Says "I pay Rs 1200 for my net no more TT im bored i need life”, DB stuck with his Job flying from south to north every day says "Tarun im very tired u know".









Doc RDB got his studies quotes "Abbay pass honay ka final sem hay ", San, Altaf, Ani, Kapardhi Sri,Omkar are busy flirting with girls still they are hunting for best match they have only one thing to say"Sallay TT may koi ladki nahi why to post ", they managed to get TT-Romeo badge.












Tushar shifted to Pune new company new job role says " VAS VAS VAS" .... Chethan says no more blogging he will be into developing mobile apps says "Tarun you know have to code day and nit no time to write",Anurag he is busy with his ever green DNS gal frd says "let me enjoy will post soon".

















Yeah I know it’s getting boring the more you go down. So let me break the ice. We Need More Stuffs and overall Need Money.

So we are in talks with leading publishers to start a monthly mobile magazine in real. At 1st stage it will be available in Mumbai only and later to Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and other metros. Our words will be printed and sent to you. Apart from telecom stories, new offers, analysis, it will contain reviews, helpdesk and suggestion for buying new products.

As we are talking, it is expected that the magazine will be priced for Rs 80 on newsstands, but if you subscribe for it for 1 year you only have to shell out Rs 60 per issues plus 1 bonus issue so yearly subscription will be priced at Rs 720.

We are also planning to offer a gift with 2-yearly and 3-yearly subscription. May be it could be some memory card or mobile accessories.

We at TT management team also decided to start web subscription for $20 (Rs 900 approx) for a year. Those will be on web subscription will get inside news of telecom market, product reviews and other stuffs 1st on net.

We are now in talks with different payment platforms. We are also in talks with leading operators to make TT stuffs available on WAP or content based offerings. When you subscribe for TT@web you will get username and password via mail. Sharing username or password is STRICTLY not allowed, if you do so and if our system detects it you will be banned. As we expect we can able to start it in next 15 days.

For our regular readers, they can read our articles free of cost, but only to last 5 articles (but no exclusive stories like analysis or reviews). They cannot access old archives.However we are all giving away these subscriptions free of cost and at 50% discount.

First 10 comments (no spam or slang) - will get web subscription free of cost for next 2 months (May/June).

For those who will make 25th, 50th, 75th, 100th, 125th ... and so on comments will get web subscription for 6 months along with 2 months TT mobile mag free of cost. Same will also be given to last 5 comments till 23:59 next month.If 25th and 50th commenters are same,2nd will go to 51st commenters.

Decision of giving offers is sole power of TT management team and under jurisdiction of court of Nuf.

Please provide correct email id when you make comments, we will contact you.Sounds really great na?? So whats your take on this?? Feel free to contact us and drop comments to win TT subscriptions!! We are eagerly waiting for some responses from you people.

And at the end of the day needless to say im Jobless so if any company interested can hire me up.

So Now TT will be taken care by a leading publisher in India Thanks one and all for all the support i hope you will continue to show your patronage with them.

TelecomTalk Wishes You A Very Happy Fools Day 2011 :)



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