Tata Docomo Revised 3G Plans, But Still Not Pocket Friendly

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Tata Docomo Rationalized Its 3G Tariff PlansIn our last article we reviewed the 3G plans of TATA DOCOMO, Airtel & Aircel, we saw a good number of people voting for TATA DOCOMO’s and the tariff Plans was supported by many which was the best and fitting in the pocket of many.

But TATA DOCOMO didn’t seem to be happy with this Review,and today it rationalized its 3G tariff plan for PAN India.

Still not to lose heart as Docomo is still offering the extra usage in the same plan which is almost the same as existing one.Its also has discontinued its Higher denomination Plan of 1001 & 2001 from the 3G plans and Revised the RC501 to 601 instead.

But if we look at the tariff of Rs 22 which had one day validity is now being changed to Two days. The customers can still be happy as the additional offer which is given with the current pack is still the same as existing pack; we still need to wait the watch what tata docomo has in store for us.

Please Note:The additional data will only be available on below revised small screen plans for the month of April 2011.

· Existing Voice and SMS tariffs rates on each profile will be applicable.

· All existing top-ups, STV & FTT offers to be applicable.

· Video calls tariff to remain unchanged.

Tata DOCOMO ExistingTata DOCOMO Revised From April 1st 2011Additional Data (Promo offer for the month of April)TT remarks
MRPDataValidity (Days)MRPDataValidity (Days)
1110 MB11110 MB110 MBGood that Free 10 MB Extra Free usage is given
2250 MB12225 MB225 MBSame usage but with Extra Validity-Good one
39150 MB33950 MB350 MB50 MB less than the Previous one
90200 MB3090100 MB30100 MBSame usage -100 MB given as additional offer
201500 MB30201250 MB30250 MBSame usage -100 MB given as additional offer
351750 MB30351500 MB30 250 MB data usage Less than the Existing one
5011.25GB306011GB30 .25 GB less usage. RC 100 Price point revised
10015GB30Plan's Discontinued

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