Tata Tele Business Services Work from Home Solutions to Aid Enterprises in Lockdown Period

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The outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted the economic conditions of the nation. Nearly, every sector is facing the wrath of the deadly virus. Earlier, the government announced 21 days lockdown period to neutralise the threat of the virus. However, the number of cases was snowballing, which forced the government to extend the lockdown period until May 03, 2020. Since the entire operations of enterprises have been shifted on work from home mode, Tata Tele Business Services has launched the Work from Home Solutions to provide enterprises with the best office operations, connectivity solutions and secure access. As per the words of Mr Sai Pratyush who is the Group Product head of IoT, Cloud and SaaS, Tata Tele Services Ltd noted that TTSL is providing uninterrupted telecom services along with innovative solutions to help the enterprises in difficult times. The Work from Home suite by Tata Tele Business Services will offer solutions to enterprises to run their business operations smoothly along with improving the efficiency of the enterprise. Here are all the work from home solutions by Tata Tele Business Services.

Hosted IVR Solution

Tata Tele Business Services has included the Hosted IVR solution in its Work from Home Solutions which aids the enterprises in setting up distributed call centres along with dynamic call routing and call hunting. The significant benefit of the Hosted IVR solution is that it helps the project leaders to track the performance across various parameters like missed calls, received call ratios per hour. Also, this solution helps the agent to receive incoming calls of customers on mobile devices.

Audio and Web Collaboration

The Audio and Web Collaboration solution has been specially designed by Tata Teleservices to facilitate work from home model. The collaboration ensures the exchange of multimedia files without any external hassle over multiple platforms and websites. Not only this, to carry out essential operations, Enterprises also get the freedom of adding up to 15 participants in conferences. To ensure data privacy and secrecy, this suite also offers file sharing and chat settings. Not only this, if the employees have missed out on any important and relevant information, they also get the option of Record and Replay meetings over a secure set-up so that their connection is private and no important and confidential information is leaked.

Interactive Website

Tata Tele Business Services has an interactive website which aids the enterprises to automate the customers browsing time on the portal and also offer tools that would solve their queries and doubts quickly. Since the enterprises have different and large departments, TTBS interactive website also provides Auto Routing, which transfers the queries of customers in the specific agents of the enterprise.

International Bridging Services

Nearly every enterprise has overseas operations which need to be taken care off. To ensure global connectivity, TTBS international bridging services bridge the gap between the enterprises and global markets. This service offers the employees of the enterprise to make international calls while operating from home that too without ISD packs. Also, Since the privacy of employees is on the pedestal, TTBS masks the number of employees when they are engaged in international calls. Also, the services offer secure calling with password protected ISD calling.

Office 365 Collaboration Suite

TTBS offers Office 365 Collaboration Suite, which provides the productivity package to enterprises. The collaboration suite offers cloud software like Microsoft Teams, One Drive, Yammer and SharePoint to increase the productivity of the business and maintain the efficiency.

Database Management System (DMS)

TTBS also offer Database Management System which helps the enterprise to store large documents remotely without worrying about the security. The DMS solution also allows the employees to work on the same documents remotely. If the enterprises have secured documents, the DMS services only allow authentic users to work on the protected document.

Dropbox For Enterprises

Lastly, TTBS offers Dropbox for business solution, which allows the enterprises to store essential and private documents. Since employees are working from home, they can access and sync all the necessary files across all the platforms and devices with the help of Dropbox.

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