Tata Sky Optimise Feature Helps the Users Reduce Their Channel Pack Prices

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Of all the four pay DTH operators right now, Tata Sky is leading the chart thanks to the wide range of channel packs and several other features on offer. Tata Sky offers unique features like recording and setting reminders on the Set-Top Box right from the mobile app itself. And there’s another unique feature on offer called ‘Optimisation.; Tata Sky users can reduce their channel pack prices using this optimisation feature which is available on both the mobile app and website. After the Trai tariff regime, all the DTH and Cable TV subscribers noticed increased TV bills and this optimisation feature from Tata Sky comes in really handy to the users. Continue reading to know how this optimisation feature from Tata Sky works.

How to Optimise Tata Sky Channel Selection?

For the Tata Sky users, the optimisation feature will be available on the end screen of the channel selection process. To access it, firstly you will have to go to the Tata Sky official website, after which you will have to log in with your details either using your password or the OTP. After this, you will have to go to the Manage Packs section of your account, to access the channel selection. After making all your selections regarding the channel packs or individual channels, you will have to proceed to finalise your choice, and this is where you will find the ‘Optimise’ feature.

How Does Optimisation Work?

Now to answer the question, what exactly does the Optimise feature do to reduce your channel cost? So, if you are aware of the Trai Channel Selector App, the Optimise feature will similarly optimise your channel selection to reduce the bill. It does not change your channel selection or add or remove any channels that you might have selected. But, what it does is that it selects a channel bouquet, instead of individual channels that you might have selected to ensure that you pay less for the same channels.

Trai Channel Selector and DPO Optimisation Differences

To recall, there is also the channel selector application from Trai, which does a similar job of reducing your bills by optimising your channel packs. However, there is a basic difference between optimising your channel selection from the Trai Channel selector application and the DPO directly. When you optimise through your DPO website, you are easily able to apply the changes in a single click. In contrast, on optimising from the Trai Channel selector application, you will get a list of channel packs and channels, which then you will have to select from the DPO Manage Packs settings eventually.

How to Save Even More on Your Tata Sky Connection?

It is also worth noting that there are other ways to reduce the monthly bills on Tata Sky as well. One of the easiest ways by which the subscribers can overall pay a less monthly amount is by getting the Tata Sky Cashback offer in which the subscribers pay in advance for 11 months, and receive a cashback equivalent to a month’s rental within 48 hours in their Tata Sky account. This ensures saving of around 10% in the monthly rental. Then, there is also the selection of long-term channel pack for new Tata Sky subscribers, which might reduce the costs. So, instead of going for monthly channel packs, or individual channels, the subscribers with semi-annual and annual channel packs make the most savings for the consumers.

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