TataSky to replace Mega SD and HD packs with costlier Ultra SD and HD packs

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TataSky the leading DTH operator is all set to hike the tariff of its most premium packs which it markets as Mega packs. TataSky currently offers Mega SD and HD packs for both south as well as rest of India subscribers. The unique selling point of the Mega pack offering is that it contains all channels and active services offered by TataSky except for special channels (HBO hits, Miniplex, Topper)  and comes in semi annual, annual and biennial subscription durations.

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From 6th January 2016 TataSky will be hiking the tariffs of the Mega pack and will market it as Ultra packs. The difference between Mega and Ultra pack is that Ultra pack will be available for monthly subscription as well, while Mega pack was only available for semi annual, annual and biennial subscription durations.

The difference in tariff of Mega and Ultra packs for Rest of India subscribers:

Pack duration Mega SD Ultra SD Mega HD Ultra HD
Monthly Not applicable Rs.610 Not applicable Rs.730
Semi annually Rs.3440 Rs.3460 Rs.4090 Rs.4140
Annually Rs.6300 Rs.6700 Rs.7500 Rs.8000
Biennially Rs.11600 Rs.12810 Rs.14000 Rs.15330


The difference in tariff of Mega and Ultra packs for South zone subscribers:

Pack duration Mega south SD Ultra south SD Mega south HD Ultra south HD
Monthly Not applicable Rs.650 Not applicable Rs.765
Semi annually Rs.3660 Rs.3685 Rs.4310 Rs.4340
Annually Rs.6700 Rs.7100 Rs.7900 Rs.8400
Biennially Rs.12600 Rs.13650 Rs.15000 Rs.16065

The ultra pack does not include active services which the mega pack included. Both ultra and mega packs do not include subscription to special channels (HBO hits, Miniplex, Topper). The semi annual ultra pack includes 5 free showcase titles as opposed to 3 in mega pack, the annual ultra pack includes 10 free showcase titles as opposed to 6 in mega pack and the biennial ultra pack includes 20 free showcase titles as opposed to 12 in mega pack. Like the mega pack the ultra pack also includes free service visits by TataSky technicians and free relocation of connection.

Note: Subscribers who do not care much for extra free showcase titles could still recharge with the long duration mega packs before 6th January 2016 and enjoy lower price point protection for the duration of the mega pack and also enjoy the added benefit of free active services.

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