TataSky to add 49 new channels on its platform starting today over the next 5 days

TataSky the leading DTH operator starting today will add 49 new TV channels on its platform. from 20th to 24th Feb TataSky will launch 10 new channels each day ranging across genres of Devotional to entertainment to regional to shopping channels. The addition includes only SD channels, no HD channel is being added as of now.

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The Channels which will be added are listed below under their respective categories and along with their date of addition, the channel number they will be available on and the short code for SMS subscription of the channel.

Madhya Pradesh

2.India News MP CH 22-Feb-16 493 INMP

Uttar Pradesh / Uttrakhand

1.D UTTAR PRADESH 21-Feb-16 160 NA
2.India News Uttar Pradesh 22-Feb-16490 INUP
3.NEWS STATE Uttar Pradesh 22-Feb-16 492 NEST
4.Samay UP/Uttarakand 22-Feb-16 491 SAUP
5.Sadhna Prime News 23-Feb-16 484 SAPR


1.DD RAJASTHAN 21-Feb-16 159 NA
2.India News Rajasthan 22-Feb-16 494 INRA


1.Magic Bricks Now 20-Feb-16 526 MABR


1.NAT GEO PEOPLE 24-Feb-16 566 NAPE
2.Travel XP 24-Feb-16 568 TRXP


1.NAT Geo Music 24-Feb-16 677 NAMU
2.Music India 22-Feb-16 673 MUIN
3.9X Jalwa 22-Feb-16 674 9XJA
4.Insync 22-Feb-16 672 INMU


1.Naaptol Marathi 20-Feb-16 804 NAMA
2.Maharashtra 1 21-Feb-16 802 MA1C
3.Fakt Marathi 21-Feb-16 805 FAMA
4.Sangeet Marathi 21-Feb-16 803 SAMU
5.TV9 MARATHI 21-Feb-16 809 TV9M

Hindi Religious

1.Ahsas Tv 23-Feb-16 196 NA
2.Sarvadharam Sangam 23-Feb-16 197 NA
3.Soham 23-Feb-16 198 NA
4.Satsang 20-Feb-16 199 NA

Muslim/Urdu Religious

1.MUNSIF 23-Feb-16 180 NA

Hindi Movies

1.R Vision 23-Feb-16 326 RVCH
2.Enterr10 Movies 23-Feb-16 329 EN10
3.CINEMA TV 23-Feb-16 327 CITV
4.WOW CINEMA 23-Feb-16 328 WOCI

Hindi Shopping

1.Gemporia 20-Feb-16 155 GECH
2.Naaptol BLUE 20-Feb-16 156 NACH
3.HBN 20-Feb-16 153 HBTV
4.Best DEAL TV 20-Feb-16 152 BEDE


1.Naaptol Bangla 20-Feb-16 857 NABA


1.News B TV 22-Feb-16 829 BTNE
2.Naaptol Kannada 20-Feb-16 830 NAKA


1.Raj DIGITAL PLUS 24-Feb-16 737 RADI
2.Raj MUSIX 24-Feb-16 738 RATA

Hindi National News
1.MH1 News 21-Feb-16 485 MHNE


1.Animax 23-Feb-16 630 ANKI


1.DD Yadagiri 21-Feb-16 781 DDYA
2.Cine21 22-Feb-16 782 CI21
3.ETV Cinema 24-Feb-16 777 ETCI
4.ETV Life 24-Feb-16 779 ETLI
5.ETV Abhiruchi 24-Feb-16 780 ETAB
6.ETV PLUS 24-Feb-16 778 ETPL


1.Kaumudy 21-Feb-16 888 CHKA

With these additions TataSky will yet again maintain its lead in the DTH industry in India.

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May 1, 2016 10:27 pm 10:27 PM

Telugu HD channels

April 25, 2016 2:11 pm 2:11 PM

tata sky se achha to cable set top box hai kam dam me pure channel our digital pitchur ekdam .San Jan apni apni tata sky band kardo our cable wale ka set top box laga do .

April 25, 2016 2:05 pm 2:05 PM

tata sky sabse mehengi DTH service hai.Rs 270 mahine me sport channel nahi de rage