Tata Docomo Wins Over Airtel & Aircel in GPRS Speed Test at Secunderabad

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Tata Docomo Wins Over Airtel & Aircel in GPRS Speed Test at SecunderabadWe had delivered the  GPRS Speed Test Report comparing Vodafone and Tata Docomo at different Times of a day in Bangalore. You Can analyze the Complete Speed Test report which we conducted in Bangalore, Docomo winning the GPRS Speed Race here.

This Time we Conducted the Test at Secunderabad with the help of TelecomTalk Reader Srikapardhi K who conducted Tests at different Times of the day Comparing Three Major Telecom Operators Airtel, Tata Docomo and Aircel .

Let Us See the Results of GPRS speed test of all these operators one by one. Srikapardhi K has  used his Nokia N900 to test the Gprs speed by using the SpeedTest App mobilespeedtest.com at Shivaji Nagar-Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

Testing Airtel, Aircel and Tata Docomo at Morning

When The MobileSpeedTest App was Tested with Airtel GPRS connection, it was able to download 28.1 Kilobits per second, just below the dial up speed .Definitely, 28.1 Kbps speed is not at all an Average Speed.

We  Conducted Similar Test using Aircel which had a download speed of 52.4kbps almost double of Airtel's Speed.

When The Same Test Was Conducted with Tata Docomo Connection, There was a huge Surprise Waiting for Us Tata Docomo Reported 129Kbps, ie 5 times better than Airtel! 129kbps is nothing but half of the Basic broadband speed.

Testing Airtel, Aircel and Tata Docomo at Afternoon

This Speed Test Experiment was carried out at Afternoon with Airtel GPRS Connection 20.4 Kbps was the Test Result. We Noticed the Speed decrease when compared to Morning.

Aircel's Result showed an  Improvement from Morning's 52kbps speed to 65Kbps.

Tata Docomo when Tested at Afternoon was very consistent with 128.6 Kbps almost same as the Morning Speed Test Result.

Testing Airtel, Aircel and Tata Docomo at Night

To get More Visibality, We had a Test at Night with Aircel which had a speed of 31 Kbps maintaining its Dial-Up Consistency.

Aircel's speed was decreased to 54.12 Kbps (Matching Morning's Speed)

While Tata Docomo's speed got reduced to 112Kbps.


With the Above Experiments conducted on Three Different operators at three different times in similar location, we can notice every operator has a Ups and Downs within it's Range.Airtel's Range Being 20Kbps to 28kbps, Aircel's 52kbps to 65 kbps  and Tata Docomo's Whooping 112Kbps to 130kbps.

Tata Docomo had Marked a Victory over Vodafone in Bangalore  and it wins the Test in Secunderabad too!

What Operator Wins in your Zone?  Post your GPRS Speed Test Results here Or Email us.

However, these tests were conducted by individuals using resources of their choice and therefore beyond our control. We are merely sharing the same and cannot be held liable for any biases, disputes or claims arising out of this tests.

Thanks To-Srikapardhi Kala @srikapardhi

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