“Take corrective actions instead of blaming Airtel for call failures,” Airtel hits back at Reliance Jio

The Points of Interconnect (PoIs) issue between Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio seems to be an unending war with both service providers blaming each other for the call failures on the networks.

Yesterday, Reliance Jio pointed out that the calls are still failing due to the anti-competitive nature of “big telcos” who are not providing required PoIs. Against this allegation, Airtel has released a statement saying the issue lies with the Jio and they should rectify it at their end to resolve call failures.

“About 60 Million customers of Jio are making calls into the Airtel network. To meet this requirement, we have provided 21,557 PoIs to them, which is much higher than their demand of 14,164 E1s for catering to 100 Million customers. Approximately 17,000 PoIs of the total POIs provided are dedicated to the outgoing traffic of Jio. Jio has yet to activate all the E1s we have provided to them,” Airtel clarified.

According to Reliance Jio, it has added 72 million customers since launch. It achieved the milestone of 50 million customers in 83 days by adding around six lakhs customers per day.


“Jio continues to face interconnection congestion issues with some of the large operators on account of the inadequate provision of points of interconnection (POI) capacities even months after commencement of services by Jio. The PoI capacity provided by these operators is still way below requirement and is falling short of the customer addition pace of Jio, resulting in the quality of service issues for Indian customers,” Jio pointed out in a statement .

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Meanwhile, Airtel sternly blamed Jio for the call failures. “While, their free traffic has been a cause of tsunami of asymmetric traffic towards Airtel’s network, Jio itself has been slow in activating the PoIs provided to them for the reasons best known to them. We understand that media is not available at their end. We hope that they will take immediate corrective actions, instead of blaming Airtel for issues being faced at their end,” Airtel spokesperson responded.

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