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Airtel Xstream Box vs Tata Sky Binge+, Which Is Better in 2021?

Tata Sky and Airtel are among the service providers that offer their own Android-powered set-top boxes for their subscribers. These smart Set-Top Boxes provide users with a seamless experience of regular TV channels and let you enjoy the content from OTT services as well. If you do not have a Smart TV and you want to purchase a smart Set-Top Box, here is a quick comparison of the features offered... Read More

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Tata Sky Binge Service Now Comes With Amazon Prime Video

Tata Sky, the number Direct-to-Home (DTH) operator in India offers users a bundled over-the-top (OTT) service called the Tata Sky Binge. The Tata Sky Binge service already came with 10 OTT platforms for a fixed monthly cost. Now, users can also opt for Amazon Prime Video content through the same service. However, note that there is an additional cost of purchasing the subscription of Amazon Prime Video involved. Users will... Read More

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Tata Sky Binge+ Is a Better Buying Option Over the HD Set-Top Box Because of These Reasons

Out of all the DTH operators in the country right now, Tata Sky seems to one of the most popular options when it comes to buying a new DTH connection. With the DTH industry going through some changes again and the new NTO 2.0 ruling by the courts, there is a possibility that you are looking to change your DTH operator. If Tata Sky is one of the options you... Read More

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Tata Sky Binge+ Set-Top Box Gets New Update

Tata Sky Binge+ is the Android Set-Top Box (STB) offering from Tata Sky. It is one of the best Android STBs in the country as it comes coupled with free Binge service for the first month and a free subscription of the Amazon Prime Video. The STB recently received a new software update. The version of the new update is unknown but there have been plenty of changes made to... Read More

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Tata Sky Binge Service, Should You Subscribe?

The craze for over-the-top (OTT) content has surged in the last year owing to multiple reasons including pandemic, stay at home culture, and ease in getting high-speed broadband connections for a reasonable price. A ton of users who had never subscribed to any OTT platform explored it during 2020 when the pandemic had just started. There are users who like to keep switching between different platforms to find fresh and... Read More

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Tata Sky Binge Available in 2 Options: With Free Amazon Fire TV Stick and Binge+ STB

Tata Sky Binge is one of the popular services launched in recent years. A lot of Tata Sky users are choosing Binge service because of the affordable pricing and the OTT app subscriptions the DTH operator is bundling. For the unaware, Tata Sky’s Binge service offers free access to 10 OTT subscriptions. If a subscriber chooses them individually, they cost more than Rs 1,000. Tata Sky Binge service can be... Read More

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Tata Sky Binge+ STB Users Now Getting Cloud Recording Facility

Tata Sky, the largest Direct-to-Home (DTH) operator in the country, is allowing Binge+ users to record their favourite content on the cloud and view it anytime they wish to. The DTH operator is offering two different packs, one for free and one for a minimal amount of Rs 199, to avail the feature. For the unaware, the Tata Sky Binge+ is an Android-powered Set-Top Box (STB) that is available for... Read More

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Tata Sky Binge Offers Free OTT Subscriptions Worth Over Rs 1,200 Every Month

Tata Sky Binge is one of the popular services introduced by DTH operators in recent times. The service offers a user free access to a slew of OTT services and provides them with an Amazon Fire TV Stick Tata Sky Edition free at no extra cost. Tata Sky Binge costs Rs 299 per month and the DTH operator is currently providing free access to a whopping 11 OTT services. And... Read More

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Best Android TV Boxes You Can Get in India Today

Gone are the days when people used to be satisfied with HD Set-Top Boxes (STBs). The age for Smart TVs and Smart Set-Top Boxes is already here. Today, we will be talking about all the best Android TV Boxes you can get in India. We will list their features, price, and any offer if that is currently going on with the purchase of that Android Box. Multiple brands and companies... Read More

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Tata Sky Binge+ at Rs 2,999 With 6 Months Free Access to OTT Apps is Worth Considering

It has been a while since Tata Sky introduced the Binge+ Android TV Set-Top Box. However, the company became serious about the hybrid STB segment only three months ago when it reduced the price of Binge+ to Rs 2,999. For several months now, the Airtel Xstream Box and DishSMRT Hub were available at just Rs 2,499, and they made the Tata Sky Binge+ look like a lot pricier at Rs... Read More

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Tata Sky Binge Partners With CuriosityStream to Offer World Class Documentaries

In a release shared by Tata Sky, the largest Direct-to-Home (DTH) operator has partnered with CuriosityStream, one of the leading factual media companies globally. Now onwards, Tata Sky Binge subscribers will be able to stream through content offered by CuriosityStream. More than a thousand hours worth of documentary series and films have been added to the platform of Tata Sky Binge by CuriosityStream. For the unaware, Tata Sky Binge is... Read More

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Tata Sky Binge Adds SonyLIV, Now Offers OTT Content from Over 9 Platforms

According to a recent release, Tata Sky Binge has partnered up with SonyLIV, an over-the-top (OTT) content platform. This partnership will add 1,000+ hours of entertaining content from the library of SonyLIV for the Tata Sky Binge subscribers. SonyLIV will allow the subscribers to view live sports, TV shows, and other forms of entertaining content such as movies. One thing to note here is that Binge service is only available... Read More

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