Switzerland to Open Private 5G Network Frequencies in January 2024

Switzerland's Bakom is set to open private 5G frequencies in 2024, allowing Swiss companies to create localized private mobile networks, known as 'campus networks.' These networks promise enhanced industrial automation and in-house communication, benefitting logistics, retail, healthcare, and more.


  • Bakom to open private 5G frequencies from January 1, 2024.
  • Swiss companies can deploy 5G mobile and broadband networks.
  • Switzerland aligns with European 5G standards.

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Switzerland to Open Private 5G Network Frequencies in January 2024
Switzerland's Federal Office of Communications (Bakom) will open private 5G frequencies starting January 1, 2024. These frequencies, within the 3400-3500 MHz range, will enable the creation of localised private mobile networks based on 5G technology, referred to as 'campus networks,' as per Bakom's update last week. Swiss companies will thus be able to deploy their own 5G mobile networks and operate their own broadband networks, especially in sectors such as logistics, retail, hospitals, and airports.

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Campus Networks - Private 5G Networks

Campus networks cater to universities, businesses, and organizations, allowing them to establish their customized broadband networks within specific areas (within a company, on a company or industrial site). Bakom said these networks will facilitate in-house communication but are not for large-scale applications like autonomous vehicles or urban coverage.

OFCOM grants the radio concessions required for setup of Private 5G Networks. Access to campus networks will be exclusive to concession holders, who cannot offer third-party telecommunications services.

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Benefits of Private 5G

Campus networks promise enhanced industrial automation, optimal processes, and fast response times, benefiting various sectors, including logistics, retail, healthcare, and airports. Compared to traditional WLAN networks, Private 5G Network (campus networks) offer high reliability and operational independence.

According to the Regulatory, Switzerland's move aligns with European 5G standards and comes after migrating existing applications in the 3400-3500 MHz range. The regulatory framework for campus networks is currently in development and will be finalized later this year, marking a significant step towards localized innovation and connectivity, said the regulatory.

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