Sony Smartwatch 2 launched in India for Rs 14,990

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Last week, we had reported about the frenzy of launches of wearable devices. Samsung, Sony and Qualcomm had launched their wearable devices. This week, there is a launch once again. Japanese manufacturer Sony has come out with its latest version of Smartwatch which is named as SmartWatch 2.

Sony Smart Watch 2The device is priced at Rs.14,990 and can be seen in the Indian market by the next month. The device was first launched in June this year and this is just another attempt to create buzz right before rolling it out in the market.

As far as its positioning is concerned, the company wants the users to use it as a complementary device to your Android powered smartphones. So, you can expect an easy sync and data swap features between your phone and watch. So you can receive notifications from the phone as well as control its functionality. Hence, your messages, calls, email, Facebook or Twitter, Calendar, walkman or media player can be controlled by the tiny band that you wear on your wrist. The Android based apps make it using more fun.

The chief specifications of the Sony SmartWatch 2 are:

  • 42 x 9 x 41 mm in dimension
  • 122.5 grams weight for SmartWatch 2 + Wrist strap
  • Android release: 4.0 and later Operating System
  • Transflective LCD 1.6” screen 220x176 (pixels)
  • Micro USB charging with battery life for 3-4 days under normal use

Sony SmartWatch 2 comes with NFC connectivity for all the android 4.0 and above devices. Its high durability (water-resistant IP57) makes it fit for rough usage. You can use a standard 24 mm strap to personalize it.

Our Take: The launch sets the market for low cost smart-watches after Samsung launched its high end Galaxy Gear of for Rs. 22,990. The Sony offering comes across as a way more value for money device. Let’s see which way this war goes.


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